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17 Fidget Toys You Need To Buy This Year

Fidgeting is the act of moving about restlessly. Fidgeting may be a result of nervousness, agitation, boredom or a combination of these. It may be a result of genes and is often an unconscious act.

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5. Fidget Toy Hexaflexagon (US$9.00) / Via

This is a 3-sided, 3D Printed hexaflexagon. What is a hexaflexagon you ask? Its a hexagon shaped fidget toy that can be indefinitely turned inside out. But instead of two sides, you'll find there are three! Buy it here.

12. Fidget Bauble (US$11.00) / Via

There is not a puzzle to solve but more a never ending weave of rings that flow over each other. The aluminum chainmail rings are loose enough to keep pulling over each other and the weave is such that it will never get to an end. Buy it here.

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