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Cooking Is Only For 'Culinary Art' Lovers!

Food or art? You decide!

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Lunchtime Story

lunarbell_lunch / Via

A California mom has taken her kids lunches to the next level! In order to entice her six children to eat healthy food, Sarah Gonzalez makes stunning culinary creations that are too good to pass on. This one, for example, is made out of orange and purple cauliflower, snap peas, yogurt, lettuce, coloured mozzarella cheese and a slice of orange to brighten it up! Checkout her instagram, lunarbell_lunch for more

Architectural Marvels!

dinarakasko / Via

For 27-year-old Dinara Kasko from Ukraine, patisserie was always a passion. So after working as an architect-designer, she decided to combine her experience together with her passion. The result? Amazing architectural wonders that are unbelievably decadent delights of cake and pastry! Her videos are sensational on instagram

Food from another Planet?

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara / Via Facebook: AnantaraQasrAlSarab

Though at first glance it looks like something from Mars, this is actually a seafood dish made by the Michelin-starred Chef Igor Macchia at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, one of the biggest Five Star hotels in Abu Dhabi. What you’re looking at is squid stuffed with wild rice, vegetables and fresh ginger.

What Disney Princess Snack On

jacobs_food_diaries / Via

Here’s another mom trying so hard to get her kids to eat healthy. Mom of the Year and talented food artist, Laleh Mohemedi, has become an internet food sensation as she creates stunning Disney-inspired food sculptures. This one of Princess Elsa is made out of Garlic and spinach fettuccine with parsnip, potato and beetroot mash. Her kids are definitely not gonna “Let it Go”

No Crying Over Spoilt Milk, cuz You Can WEAR IT!

Anke Domaske / Via

The most fashionable creation. Qmilk is the brainchild of German designer Anke Domaske, and is a milk fiber sourced from secondary milk” that’s no longer for human consumption, aka spoilt milk! This silky textile is derived from odourless protein found in mammalian milk. So will you be brave enough to wear it?

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