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Cookies Shaped Like Shot Glasses Exist And They're Magical

Cronut creator Dominique Ansel is debuting a miraculous milk-and-cookie situation at SXSW this weekend.

So, you love milk. And you love cookies. But the process of eating them together can be so hard.

Nickelodeon / Via

The frustration of uncooperative glasses. The despair of over-dunking and having the cookie crumble into its milky abyss.

Food Beast / Via

So pastry chef Dominique Ansel, the genius behind the cronut, said, "If everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined."

Andre Maier / Getty Images

And a wonderful solution was born: Shot glasses MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES, filled with milk.

Dominique Ansel Bakery/ Facebook: 293357170694083

The cookie shot glasses will be premiering this weekend at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Chef Dominique hasn't confirmed yet whether they will be available at his NYC bakery.

PBS / Via

But we can hope.