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23 Signs Your Jane Austen Addiction Is Getting Out Of Hand

OK, so maybe you've lost touch with reality, but who needs reality when you've got Mr. Darcy?

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2. And you find ways to slip Regency lingo into everyday conversation.

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Words like "incandescently," "positively," and "indubitably," to the chagrin of your friends (also "chagrin").

4. You often lament that you "should have been born in the nineteenth century."

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Perhaps forgetting the disease, despair, and bad dental hygiene that you'd surely face if you were born into anything other than the upper-class.

8. You wish you owned hundreds of old, leatherbound books whose yellow pages crumble to dust as you turn them.

9. You've browsed online for a creepy, full-length night gown.

Perfect for wandering around the house in the middle of the night with a wax candle and scaring the bejeesus out of everyone.

11. You find yourself impulse buying antique tea sets.

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And you dream of the day when you can invite your friends to fancy afternoon tea and actually use the milk saucer and the sugar bowl.

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