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    22 Reasons We Need To Bring Back Male Suspenders

    Brace yourselves for hotness.

    1. They make a man look rugged.

    Universal Pictures

    Especially if they are leather and equipped with special mummy-fighting gun straps.

    2. And yet also sophisticated.

    Warner Bros.

    So. much. swag.

    3. They look super snazzy with a collared shirt and tie.

    4. Or a vest.

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    5. They're incredibly hot with a sleeveless white shirt.

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    Oh, to be that glass of whiskey that he's thoughtfully holding.

    6. But they are equally excellent shirtless.

    Captblack76 / Via Shutterstock

    7. Mr. Darcy wore them.

    Focus Features / Via

    The British dreamboat.

    8. And so did Robert Redford.

    Universal Pictures

    The All-American wonder.

    9. So did Vito Corleone.

    Paramount Pictures

    Yea, that's right, the Godfather, back when he was both badass and unbearably gorgeous.

    10. They keep pants high-waisted so they're generous in covering belly bulge.

    Warner Bros.

    11. They beautifully outline the curve of a man's back.


    Guys, let's bring sexy back.

    12. They imbue the wearer with a sense of power.

    20th Century Fox

    Like a power suit, suspenders give off the impression that you're the boss and don't give a shit what anybody thinks.

    13. And ultimate swag.

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    14. They have a film noir quality to them.

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    15. And an Old World charm.

    Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

    16. They keep pants from falling during vigorous dancing.

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    Sexy and practical.

    17. They make a guy's ass look like two scoops of delicious ice-cream.

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    We're not talking about that baggy overall nonsense. We mean that nice, tailored fit that holds up the tush and sculpts it into the stuff of dreams.

    18. They're really erotic to take off.

    Metro-Goldwyn Mayer/

    Whether your want to do it slowly or with a little more pizzazz.

    19. And doing this little outline when putting them back on is even hotter.

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    20. And having them loosely hanging from the side is perhaps ironically the hottest.

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    21. They can be worn either very seriously.

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    22. Or ironically during a sexy strip tease.

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    Mmmmmmmm suspenders.