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    16 Delicious Uzbek Dishes You Need To Try Immediately

    Exotic, hearty, full of flavor, and reasonably healthy. Basically everything you want in your food.

    1. Lagman Soup

    2. Eggplant Salad (Bademjan)

    3. Chuchvara Soup

    4. Wedding Pilaf (Plov)

    5. Tashkent Salad

    6. Manty

    7. Samsa

    8. Achichuk Salad

    9. Naryn

    10. Shurpa

    11. Dimlama

    12. Kutabi

    13. Kebab (Shaslik)

    14. Exotic Fruit Platter

    Not technically a "dish" but you'll find that patrons of Uzbek restaurants typically end their meal with a platter of "exotic fruit" (usually slices of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and grapes), or "compote" (a juice made from fresh or dried fruit).

    15. Holvaytar

    16. Tea and Sweets

    Most Uzbek restaurants have hookah, so if you're a fan, make sure to get a fruity flavor to complete the experience!