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Get To Know #TipsFromHome, An Initiative To Support The Hospitality Community

#TipsFromHome is working to empower our friends in the service industry. Start posting with the #TipsFromHome and #DiageoDonation hashtags to get helping today!

With hundreds of thousands of bartenders and service workers affected by the current health crisis, the beverage industry is striving to take care of their own.

Cognizant of the dire need to support the livelihoods of those affected, Diageo U.S. — the parent company of brands such as Smirnoff, Don Julio, Tanqueray, and more — has enacted #TipsFromHome, an initiative that supports bartenders and service workers currently without work.

#TipsFromHome is meant to help services workers who are in need of additional support right now. Diageo has pledged to donate up to $1 million to hospitality relief efforts.

So how does this all work?


For every image of a cocktail shared on social media with the hashtags #TipsFromHome and #DiageoDonation, Diageo will donate $1, up to $1 million.

Diageo / Via

So if you ever needed some motivation to get creative with your cocktails, there's truly no time like the present.

Regardless of what you post (e.g. a very fancy cocktail vs. your no frills go-to), when you upload a photo with the Diageo hashtags, you'll be doing your part to support service industry workers.

So let's get cocktail-ing for the greater good!

For more information on the #TipsFromHome initiative and how you can get involved, visit the #TipsFromHome site today.

Diageo / Via

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