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5 Expert-Backed Drinks That'll Make You Scream Out: "Who Said I Can't Shrink My Belly?"

Puffy belly ain't no issue!

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Created by Danny just for Buzzfeed!

Goddamn it. You'll most probably spend a bit of money on some new small clothes. Or maybe not that much but these drinks will really shrink your belly of at least 1-2 inches.

But Hey, No, Just No… This is not a bogus which keeps it saying that you'll lose fat around your belly by drinking fluid. Heck Nooo…

Instead, we'll first hear what makes a Smaller waist (other than losing fat) from the mouth of Experts and then will try to find cure for them.

So Mayo Clinic says unless your stomach bloating is caused by some medical conditions, the only main cause is intestinal gas.

And as to WebMD Symptom Checker, the reasons for lump and bulge belly is indigestion, constipation and etc.

Dr. Axe states that some health problems like chronic fatigue, constipation, low energy and etc. come from poor digestive system.

And no need to give any scientific proof for water retention and bloating. 'Cause it's damn obvious that if you get rid of a bit of excess water, and can eliminate your bloating you'll definitely lose a few inches around your belly.

So I guess we've already got a basic understanding of what makes the belly flat other than losing just fat right?

They were: Indigestion, Constipation, Intestinal Gas, Water retention and Bloating.

But what if I have a nice Infographic that'll show you the Researches you need to shrink your belly? However, before placing the Infographic straight away, I've laid down the the recipes so you can look up the ingredients in it.

Stay Tuned!

1. The most well-known one. The Goddamn belly killer. The Digestion supporter (Lemon, Ginger), constipation preventer (cucumber), gas reliever (ginger), gut protecter (aloe vera), water retention & bloating diminisher (parsley) and so on…


•1 lemon

•1 cucumber

•1 tablespoon of grated ginger

•1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice

•A bunch of either cilantro or parsley

•½ glass of water

Recipe Preparation and How often you should drink is here



•2 tablespoons of honey

•1 tsp of cinnamon powder

•250 ml of water

Recipe Preparation and How often you should drink is here



•1/2 cup coconut water

•1 banana

•1 large cucumber, sliced

•1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced

•Handful of ice

Recipe Preparation and how often you need to drink is here



•1-3 tea sp of apple cider vinegar with tepid water

•a spoon of honey

Recipe Preparation and How often you should drink is here



•1 cup pineapple chunks

•1 lemon

•a thumb of ginger

•6 mint leaves

•2 cups water

Recipe Preparation and How often you should drink is here

So, I think it's Time up for the Infographic. Here is it!

Let's know how it felt & thank us later.

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