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Frequent Fliers, What Is The Most Bizarre Thing You've Witnessed On An Airplane?

Tell me the things you've observed during flights that left you totally speechless.

If you're someone who travels by airplane, you're bound to witness some interesting scenarios.

To all of the fliers out there, I want to know the most striking sight you've seen on a plane.

A woman wheels her luggage onto an airplane

It could be that a parent decided to change their baby's dirty diaper while in their seat, which was not exactly appreciated by other people aboard the flight.

A baby sits on an adult's lap during a plane ride

Or maybe you noticed a couple showing way too much PDA — or, ahem, doing things that went WAY beyond mere PDA — and it caught you off guard.

A couple kisses during a flight

Perhaps you were met with a fellow passenger who was barefoot and really nonchalant about placing their feet wherever they wanted...maybe because they'd had way too much to drink. Or maybe the alcohol made them do things that were even more shocking!

A plane passenger rests their bare feet on a chair

It's also possible a full-on fight broke out on the flight, and people had to be restrained until they could land. Maybe the authorities even got involved!

people fighting

Or maybe, just maybe you're thinking...I've got a plane story that's even better than any of those examples!

Well, whatever your story is, we want to hear it! Share the strangest or most memorable thing you've ever seen on a plane in the comments and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!