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What's Your Significant Other's "Beige Flag" That You Accept Even Though It's Kinda Strange?

Share the beige flag you've gotten used to in your relationship.

Some people you date can quickly turn you off if they show red flags, while others who have green flags may earn your approval. Or, you could fall for someone who has beige flags. These signs aren't distinctly positive or negative, but just a bit quirky.

If your partner has a beige flag that you've learned to put up with, we want to know what it is.

A couple laughs while eating breakfast together in their kitchen

For example, your significant other may wake up at the same very early hour each morning (while waking you, too), without fail, even though they never set an alarm.

A man looks at his phone while lying in bed

You could be seeing someone who chooses a favorite line from every song they love, and whenever these tracks come up on their playlist, they replay those specific lines once, or twice, or maybe several times.

A woman raises the volume of a song on the radio while driving her car

Or perhaps your other half is quite the coffee lover and absolutely needs to drink a cup of joe along with any meal or snack they eat.

A man gets coffee ready with his breakfast in the kitchen

What's a beige flag you've noticed in your S.O. that you've come to accept, though it's a tad unusual or off-putting? Share in the comments below, or tell us via this Google form here if you'd rather remain anonymous. Your response might be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post!