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Which Wedding "Rules" Should Couples Kiss Goodbye In 2023?

I gotta know which wedding customs you wanna forget for good.

Since wedding season is here, now is a good time to discuss which long-held traditions no longer need to be followed by couples planning to tie the knot.

I want to know the wedding "rules" you believe people should kiss goodbye in 2023.

A groom gives a bride a piggyback ride as they're pictured by the water

For example, if a bride doesn’t care to wear a white dress, a different color can definitely be suitable for the big day.

A bride walks in a pink tulle gown

While cake is the typical dessert presented to guests following a marriage ceremony, serving alternative tasty treats like cupcakes, brownies, or cookies may work just as well.

Two male figurines sit on top of a cupcake dessert display at a wedding

Also, legend has it that it’s bad luck for a groom to see the bride prior to their nuptials, but this wedding superstition might feel very outdated to you.

A groom and bride smile and embrace while sitting on a bench

Tell me all of the wedding rules you think it’s time to ditch in 2023. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!