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People In Relationships With Large Age Gaps, Tell Us About The Biggest Difference You Experience With Your Partner

Share how your and your partner's differences show up in the age-gap relationship.

Couples with significant age disparities may work out in the long run, but there can definitely be some moments of disconnect along their journey together.

To everyone who is in an age-gap relationship, tell us about the noticeable differences between you and your significant other.

A woman and man smile while looking in a mirror together

Maybe you're the younger one in the relationship, and your partner's beliefs are much more traditional than yours, so you two sometimes clash over this.

A woman argues with her partner in their backyard

Or perhaps you're the older partner and find yourself wanting to settle down, while your S.O. still has a desire to travel and try new things before getting married or starting a family.

A man opens his arms wide while sailing on a sunny day

It could be that you and your other half don't always have the same taste in things like music, movies, or TV shows due to your age gap, so your pop culture references can cause confusion.

A couple sits on the couch and watches TV together

If you're in a relationship that has a large age gap, share the biggest difference you experience with your partner. Or, if you'd rather remain anonymous, feel free to fill out this Google form here. Your response might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.