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    22 Moments When Oscar From "The Office" Was The King Of Shade

    He is actually one of the show's most underrated characters.

    If you're a fan of The Office, you're likely familiar with Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez.

    In addition to possessing financial knowledge, Oscar had an amazing ability to throw shade anyone's way. He did not hold back, and we were here for it.

    There are many great Oscar moments from the show's nine-season run. Here is a list of some highlights that showcases his sassiest encounters.

    1. When he called out Michael for focusing on stereotypes while planning his return celebration party:

    2. When he returned from his time off with a glass-half-full outlook:

    Oscar talks about Michael's inappropriate comments being directed towards him in the workplace

    3. When he assessed Michael's workplace performance:

    Oscar expresses his lack of confidence in Michael's professional skills as he and his coworkers discuss how Michael recently took on a second job

    4. When he didn't fall for Michael's monkey business:

    5. When he drunkenly asked Andy about his relationship with Angela:

    Oscar drunkenly asks Andy what he sees in Angela

    6. When he planned out his script for Michael's roast:

    Oscar is ruthless in planning a merciless speech for Michael's roast

    7. When he let Michael have it at the roast:

    Oscar goes off on Michael during his comedy roast

    8. When he clapped back at Meredith's attempt to criticize his sandals:

    9. When he kept The Finer Things Club very exclusive:

    Andy tries to join The Finer Things Club, but is not welcomed by Oscar, Toby, or Pam

    10. When he didn't appreciate Jim's humor:

    Oscar becomes annoyed when Jim tries to incorporate humor at a Finer Things Club meeting

    11. When he shared his thoughts on the entertainment industry:

    Oscar shows no interest in participating in the local Dunder Mifflin commercial advertisement, as he believes the entertainment industry is shallow

    12. When he described what the Dundies are like:

    Oscar describes his lack of interest in the Dundies by comparing the event to a dull children's party

    13. When he never hesitated to throw an actually into a conversation:

    Jim describes Oscar's frequent use of the word "actually" when correcting his coworkers

    14. When he wasn't the one to deal with Andy's confusion:

    Andy goes to Oscar for advice on whether or not he could be gay

    15. When he got upset over Pam's sister's Gil/Kevin mixup:

    Oscar is offended when Pam's sister thinks he and Kevin are a couple

    16. When he couldn't stand the sight of Dwight's Computron:

    Oscar is not very excited to see Dwight dressed as Computron again

    17. When he didn't see Michael's similarity to Danny Cordray:

    Oscar makes a sassy remark when Michael compares himself to Danny Cordray

    18. When he helped Michael prepare for Pam's delivery:

    Oscar mocks Michael for thinking it's necessary to bring a dictionary with him to the hospital as Pam is about to deliver her first child with Jim

    19. When he wasn't coy about poking fun at Michael's "Koi Story":

    20. When he gave Luke some sass over his ice cream party purchases:

    Oscar makes a sarcastic remark to Luke after he buys bagel chips for the office's ice cream party

    21. When he described Jan to Holly:

    Oscar describes Jan as "clinically insane" to Holly