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    5 of the Best Places to Study Abroad

    Instead of scrolling through Instagram or following your favorite blogger to seek inspiration, experience them first-hand by studying abroad. Whether you want to visit the fashion districts or dive headfirst into the country's design and culture, there's an abroad destination that will fit your needs. In most of these places, you can choose to take a study abroad program or a short-term internship. All you have to decide is where to go. But where do you start when there are so many incredible countries in the world? Here are some of the best destinations for studying abroad.

    1. London, England

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    This metropolis has everything you need if you want to immerse yourself in British culture and fashion without culture shock. It has solid opportunities for those interested in a career in fashion design or style editing. Check out some of the famed department stores and vintage boutiques when you study abroad in London.

    This city will transport you to the bygone era at the Fashion and Textile Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. London has plenty to offer students in Communications, Cultural Studies, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, and Graphic Design, and more. If you need some inspiration then grab a seat at London Fashion Week.

    2. Budapest, Hungary

    Dan Novac / Via

    Budapest, Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Even its people are beautiful. This European city has a combination of old world charm and world-class attractions. It's also the prime location for excursions to other European cities such as Austria, Czech Republic, Prague, or Vienna. The great thing about Budapest is that it's easy to access to other European countries.

    3. Milan, Italy

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    Want a cosmopolitan hub that has plenty of good food, fashion, and culture? Look no further than Milan, Italy for your abroad studies. You'll spot many art and fashion icons in this city. It's also home to iconic artists like Georgio Armani and Leonard Da Vinci. Don't think you can afford this city because it's perfect for students such as yourself.

    Check out the latest fashion trends in Milan's fashion district, the Quadrilatero d'Oro. Or, you can learn about the history of fashion during a full-time semester or summer internship. This city has so many art and fashion museum collections that you'll want to join the ranks of the next fashion influencer. This city is perfect for students who are studying art or fashion.

    4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Sander Crombach / Via

    Buenos Aires is one of the most colorful cities on this list. It's filled with creativity, culture, dancing, and vibrancy. It's one of the liveliest places to study abroad. You'll feel inspired the moment you step off the plane. It's also one of the best places to study abroad thanks to its Second Language Acquisition Program. It also has one of the best volunteer abroad programs in the world.

    5. Florence, Italy

    Domenico Loia / Via

    If you want old warm charm then Florence, Italy has it. It's known for its incredible architecture, Renaissance masterpieces, and world-renowned restaurants. Florence is unlike any other city in the world. Call Florence your second home for a summer internship or a full-time semester while studying abroad. There are plenty of exciting and unique courses to take, such as a major in Wine Marketing.