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    I've Put Together A Checklist Of Everything You Need To Buy This Summer – You're Welcome

    Get ready to hit *add to basket*.

    1. A good pair of shorts is a summer must, and you can never go wrong with these high rise Levi's.

    2. Avoid worrying about your mascara running in the heat with this waterproof one from Barry M.

    3. Make sure you stay cool throughout the night with this blanket that's been made with Arc-Chill cooling technology.

    4. Keep your face feeling refreshed in the heat with this cooling gel eye mask, which even comes with two cooling eye pads.

    5. If you have any beach trips planned this summer, this extra large blanket is a water resistant, sandproof, and made specifically for your beach days.

    6. Keep yourself well protected from the sun with this foldable summer hat, which is an Amazon best seller.

    7. If you're looking for makeup that doesn't feel to heavy in the heat, this Garnier BB cream naturally evens your skin tone without giving you a full coverage look.

    8. Stay hydrated this summer with this 2.2L water bottle, which will make it that much easier to monitor your daily water intake.

    9. These mini perfume bottles mean you can easily give yourself a fresh spritz whenever you're on the go.

    10. Speaking of topping up on the go, these mini deodorants are bound to come in handy too.

    11. Keep your drinks cool in this heat with these silicone moulds, which create large sphere ice balls – how cool do they look?

    12. If you prefer slightly smaller spheres of ice, this mould might be more up your street.

    13. This handheld electric fan has been saving me during the current heatwave, so I'd get your hands on one if you haven't already!

    14. This Blistex lip balm has SPF 50+ to keep your lips protected from any harmful UVA and UVB rays this summer.

    15. Ensure your body's just as well protected with this Nivea SPF 50+ spray.

    16. If you're a dry skin queen (like I am), this facial SPF is absolutely ideal.

    17. Stay cool in the heat with this summer midi skirt, which comes in a range of patterns and would look super cute with a basic tank top.

    18. If you're more of a dress than skirt person, this one has a load of reviews and comes in so many different colours and patterns!

    19. If you're doing any garden party hosting this summer, this outdoor drinks dispenser is an absolute must-have.

    20. Ensure you're always on the cold side of the pillow with this cooling gel insert, which slots perfectly into your pillowcase.

    21. Neck fans like this one are doing super well on TikTok right now, and for good reason.

    22. Top up your SPF throughout the day with this Garnier protection mist, which can even be used over makeup!