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    I Didn’t Know I Needed To Urgently Redecorate My Whole House Until I Found These 22 Things On Amazon

    I'm talking urgently.

    1. Get your hands on some prints to fill these black A4 photo frames, which will help to spruce up any basic-looking wall.

    2. Set the mood with this colour-changing galaxy projector, which you can control with a simple little remote!

    3. Fix these floating shelves to your wall, which you can then fill up with some cute little ornaments.

    4. Add a subtle glow to any room with this colour-changing LED light, which also doubles up as a bedside table lamp.

    5. Decorate anything from a staircase to a dinner table with this artificial ivy garland.

    6. Create a cosy atmosphere with this pack of 12 bottle cork lights, which can be used inside or outside!

    7. Speaking of lights, you can add a personal touch to any bland-looking room with these photoclip string lights.

    8. Choose to have a different scent in each room with this set of 18 Yankee candle tea lights, which even comes with a little holder!

    9. Run with a neutral-coloured geometric theme with these gorgeously unique-looking vases.

    10. Everyone needs a fluffy rug in their home, am I right? This large grey one definitely has my heart.

    11. Create an effortlessly grand look in your home with this tall pampas grass.

    12. I've never seen a table clock look as glamorous as this one, and I think I need it.

    13. These wall tile stickers are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, and are pretty genius if you ask me.

    14. If you prefer the marble look, you are going to absolutely adore these stickers.

    15. This little mirror would make a great accent to a modernly-styled bathroom.

    16. Add a touch of greenery to your home with this artificial cascading plant.

    17. This message board would add a nice little touch to the entrance of your home, don't you agree?

    18. I've never seen tarot card-themed wall tapestries like these ones before, and I'm officially obsessed.

    19. If you're into collecting natural gemstones (like I am), you're definitely about to add this elephant-shaped rose quartz to your basket.

    20. Add a pop of colour to your living room with these tropical-themed cushion covers.

    21. If you're on the hunt for a vase that's sure to go with any household aesthetic, this cage-style piece might be the one to go for.

    22. Have you ever seen a candle like this one in the shape of a hand? I didn't think so, and yes you do need it.