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    20 Products That Were Basically Designed To Make Life Easier For Amateur Cooks

    By "amateur cooks" I mean me.

    1. This vegetable slicer comes with three swappable blades and a container fixed below it, so all you have to do is push a lever down and you've got evenly chopped veggies!

    2. If you prefer cutting your vegetables with a knife, this chopping board has little pull out containers along the side of it, saving you from struggling for space on your board.

    3. Chopping garlic into tiny pieces feels like a safety hazard to my fingers, which is why this crusher is ideal. Put the clove straight into the device, press the handles together, and watch how the garlic comes out perfectly minced.

    4. This glass container not only has a slicing blade attached to the top, but also has five additional slicers that can change the shape of your vegetables. Whether you're trying to grate some lemon zest or make some crinkle cut potato slices, this has got you covered.

    5. This chopping board doubles up as a washing up bowl, so you can cut all of your veggies and wash them straight away without having to get any extra items dirty (AKA, less washing up).

    6. I don't want a load of bulky kitchen items taking up a lot of space, which is why these collapsible strainers are right up my street.

    7. This blew my mind – herb scissors. To avoid lots of precise chopping, use these scissors and you've got finely cut herbs within seconds.

    8. If you want loads of minced veggies, this electric food processor is a worthwhile buy. At the hit of a button you'll have everything cut up and minced, ready for you to cook with.

    9. These little silicone tubes are incredible for peeling garlic. To avoid the faff of trying to hand peel them, throw a clove in here, roll the tube on a surface, and watch how the garlic skin instantly gets removed.

    10. If you're looking to peel veggies rather than garlic cloves, this peeler with an extra sturdy grip makes it a much easier task (I normally hate peeling vegetables).

    11. If you ever have to separate an egg for a recipe, this tool will save you from – not to be dramatic – about an hour of stress.

    12. Is it just me that finds rice so stressful to cook properly? For this price, I'd much rather just invest in a rice cooker to do the work for me. This one even doubles up as a steamer!

    13. If you don't want any of the fancy stuff and just need a simple grater, this one comes fixed onto a container just to make it a little more convenient.

    14. This slow cooker is perfect if you've got cooking to do but also have other things you might need to get on with. This one is super popular and quite affordable too!

    15. If you love a good ol' boiled egg, this slicer is a must-have for you. It even comes with two different slicing styles for you to choose from!

    16. These six measuring spoons are magnetic and stackable, so not only will you be able to make sure you're measuring your ingredients out correctly but it's also less likely you'll lose a couple of the spoons (I'll be honest, that's what would happen to me if they weren't magnetic).

    17. I always eat more fruit when it's cut up for some reason, and this slicer makes the process of cutting apples absolutely effortless – I always feel like I'm going to slice my hand open when I try to cut apples the regular way!

    18. I don't know why I never thought of something like this before, but this oil/dressing dispenser allows you to spray whatever liquid you're working with so you know that it's coming out nice and evenly. Isn't that such a good idea?

    19. Air fryers are all the rave on social media right now, and understandably so. This cooker has fry, roast, grill and bake functions while using 99% less oil than regular methods! It's also highly rated and pretty affordable compared to other ones on the market.

    20. If you want to do even less manual work, this electric peeler could be right up your street. It's actually an Amazon bestseller, so that's got to count for something.