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    22 Products That Will Solve Your Everyday Problems Around The House

    From door drafts to jars that won't open, we've got you covered.

    1. As a shopping enthusiast (to say the least), I never have enough wardrobe space. These space-saving hangers are perfect for getting the most out of your cupboards.

    2. Whether you want your table placemats to stop slipping or are looking for a way to get the rug on your wooden floors to stay put, these rolls of anti-slip material are super useful.

    3. These foldable dividers are perfect for sectioning your drawers to keep them well organised.

    4. We all know the struggle of random papers floating around, and this rose gold letter tray is a great way to keep them looking organised (and cute).

    5. I've always thought that exposed cables immediately make a room look messier, which is why I think this cable tubing is a necessity. It's a little sleeve that you can feed the cables through to keep them neat and tucked away.

    6. This shower head is a simple fix to improve the water pressure in your shower – and it's not even too pricey.

    7. I'm constantly trying to do a balancing act with a drink on the arm of my sofa (which never ends well, FYI). This handy little device slots effortlessly over the arm rest, giving you an impromptu drink holder wherever you need it.

    8. As I mentioned, storage is a big problem for me. These vacuum bags are great for condensing and storing away anything you don't need too often (but aren't willing to let go of).

    9. I'm a massive klutz, so stains are a reoccurring issue for me. This red wine and juice stain remover is specially designed to target those extra tough ones.

    10. If you feel like you have cupboard space that gets wasted, this shelf organiser lets you stack items above each other, making it way easier to maximise all the space you have!

    11. If water droplet marks get on your nerves, using this shower squeegee is a quick way to keep your surfaces looking spick and span.

    12. This bag of bamboo activated charcoal works as the perfect odour eliminator for any room (or car) – plus it's all totally natural!

    13. This sleek sponge holder is separated into two sections and even has drainage slots at the bottom, making it the perfect addition to the side of your kitchen sink.

    14. On the subject of washing up, this large dish drainer is not only perfectly organised but also has a drip tray underneath it. That way you won't have to worry about all the excess water building up on your countertop.

    15. We can pretend like we don't, but everyone gets mould in their home and it's an absolute pain. These crystals absorb moisture from the air, which can help to prevent mildew and mould forming.

    16. Creaking doors are the absolute bane of my life, which is why WD-40 is an absolute necessity. Spray some of this on the hinges and you can be creak free in seconds.

    17. If you're looking for a glass and mirror cleaning spray that doesn't leave streaks, this one is very highly rated.

    18. On the hunt for something to keep those extra bits of cutlery out of the way? This holder is possibly the cutest one I've seen.

    19. If you need something compact and space-efficient to dry your clothes, this indoor airer definitely does the trick.

    20. I don't even want to think about the number of times I've struggled to open a jar – how did I not know that this pack of bottle and jar openers exists?

    21. At this time of year it's a lot worse than usual to feel an unwanted draft coming through the gap under your door. This heavy door draft stopper is perfectly designed to block out any of that chilly air that may make its way through.

    22. We've all felt the wrath of a blocked drain, which is why this drain unblocking gel is definitely something to keep on standby for when you might need it.