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    20 Products That Reviewers Swear By, Which Makes Me Think We Could Too

    So let's jump on the hype ASAP.

    1. If you're a fan of the bestselling novel It Ends With Us, this psychological thriller is written by the same author and is incredibly popular. Take it from me, who finished the book in a day.

    2. I trusted the reviewers on this one, and now I can't imagine my life without these spot-healing acne patches. I love them so much that I've started buying the 60 pack.

    3. This foam roller is super popular for giving yourself a deep tissue massage at home. It's perfect after an intense workout!

    4. If you have an electric hob, this protective cover helps to avoid scratches or any dirt build-up.

    5. If you're on the hunt for a portable mini fridge, this one comes super highly rated.

    6. With almost 22,000 reviews, I don't think we can go wrong with these Silentnight pillows.

    7. Whether you want to use them to shape up your brows or get rid of any peach fuzz, these facial razors come highly recommended.

    8. This Oral-B electric toothbrush comes with 360º gum pressure control, and even has three different brushing modes that you can switch between.

    9. Ensure your barbecue is well cleaned with this stainless steel cleaning brush, which will remove any stubborn bits that are hard to budge.

    10. Fill any sparse patches of grass with this fast-growing grass seed. You should see results in just 7-14 days!

    11. Tint your brows with this semi-permanent dye from Eylure, which will give you up to 12 applications!

    12. These exfoliating foot masks help to peel off any hard, dead skin you have after just one 60 minute treatment.

    13. If you've tried and love the original Garnier micellar water, this one has been made specifically for combination skin types, and is a top bestseller.

    14. If you're looking for an insect repellent that actually works, this one comes with some pretty promising reviews.

    15. This Garnier 3-in-1 hair mask is said to be a game changer when it comes to treating dehydrated hair.

    16. Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks with this Bio-Oil, which can even help to treat uneven skin tones over time.

    17. Crocs are officially back in style, and you can get your hands on these ones in pretty much any colour.

    18. Most adapters are awkward and bulky, but this USB to Type-C one is the perfect size.

    19. If you're looking for a new chemical exfoliator, this BHA liquid exfoliant from Paula's Choice is ridiculously popular.

    20. Pretty much all of TikTok is raving about this Weleda skin food moisturiser, so if you're like me and have dry skin I think it's time we tried it.