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    21 Products That I Can't Stop Telling My Friends About, So Now I'm Going To Tell You About Them Too

    Then you can tell your friends and they can tell their friends and...

    1. This deodorant is made up of just one ingredient – natural mineral salt. I've been using it for years as there's no potentially irritating chemicals added in there, so I always recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

    2. Not to be dramatic but this book changed my life, so I will never stop talking about it. If you like self-development books you definitely need to check this one out.

    3. I'm obsessed with these paisley print bandana scarves. You can style them however you want and they're a great way to throw it back to the early '00s if that's your style.

    4. This Vera Wang perfume smells so good and it's even on offer right now. If you're looking for your next scent you might have just found it.

    5. As someone that loves getting my nails done, whenever I want to take a break from going to the salon I wear these DIY stick on nails. They're clear and can easily be filed down so you can customise them however you like – cute, right?

    6. On the subject of nails, this is the best stick on nail glue around – it keeps your nails on for weeks without having to touch up.

    7. As white nail polish is on trend right now, I had to include my all-time favourite – this one from the Barry M Gelly range.

    8. So I've realised that the only way I drink enough water is when I can monitor how much I've had, and the markers on the side of this bottle make it so much easier.

    9. If you have unruly baby hairs like I do, a little brush to put them all in place is a necessity – and this one is my ultimate go-to.

    10. These home wax strips are so handy – you can even cut them into smaller pieces if you find it easier to use!

    11. This simple PopSocket can be stuck to the back of your phone, making it so much easier to have a firm grip whenever you're holding it.

    12. This under eye serum helps to reduce darkness and puffiness around the eyes and has been a true ride or die of mine for years (I can't even count the number of people I've told about this).

    13. If you've been suffering with any acne or irritation from face masks, these silk ones are the kindest to your skin (they're also super cute and come in a range of colours).

    14. If you're still working from home this portable desk is a must. It gives you the perfect balance between staying in bed and working at a desk – what could be better?

    15. It's officially beanie season, and this ribbed one is always the first one I reach for.

    16. I've recently started using this oat cleansing balm to remove my makeup and I can't explain to you how soft it leaves my skin – it's safe to say I'm obsessed.

    17. If you're a fan of stationery, this calligraphy set is so affordable you can't not add it to your basket.

    18. These semi-permanent individual lashes are a great way to add a little something to your natural lashes if you're not a fan of anything too dramatic.

    19. I never knew I needed a light up compact mirror until I had one. Your life is about to change – you're welcome.

    20. Castor oil is known to promote hair growth, and coating your hair in this organic oil is a great habit to start incorporating into your weekly routine! It even comes with eyebrow and eyeliner brushes to make it a whole lot easier to use.

    21. This caffeine eye cream is so lightweight and makes such a noticeable difference to your under eye circles. It was sold out everywhere for the longest time – and understandably so.