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    If You’re Like Me And Can’t Stand The Heat, These 19 Products Might Make The Next Few Months A Bit More Bearable For You

    If your heat tolerance is at a -7, this one's for you.

    1. Hot summer nights are the worst, which is why these cool Silentnight pillows are a must for this season.

    2. This insulated cooling bag will definitely come in handy, especially if you're going on a road trip.

    3. Refresh your face at the start of the day with this facial ice roller. It's especially good for de-puffing your face after a long sleep too!

    4. Never run out of ice this summer with these reusable ice cubes, which won't dilute your summer drink!

    5. Replace your current towel with this cooling microfibre one, which stays chilled for up to three hours!

    6. As hot as I am during summer nights, I always need something to cover me, which is when this cooling blanket comes in handy.

    7. Set up this oscillating fan in your bedroom for a constant refreshing blow of air. It's got three different speeds, four modes, and doesn't make too much noise either.

    8. These gel pads can be inserted into your pillowcase so you can enjoy the cold side of the pillow all night.

    9. Go the extra mile and get one of these cooling gel pads to sleep on too!

    10. If you're out and about and need a refresh, this mist will cool you down pretty much instantly.

    11. I just got back from a 38°C holiday, and this mini portable fan absolutely saved me.

    12. Whether you're prone to migraines or not, these non-medicinal cooling gel sheets are amazing for when the heat just gets too much.

    13. These extra breathable pillow cases should replace your regular ones ASAP.

    14. I have one of these reusable gel eye masks for when my eyes are swollen, but in summer I love using it just to cool me down throughout the day.

    15. Do the same for your neck and shoulder area with this reusable cold compress. It's perfect to put on when you're doing anything from WFH to winding down in front of the TV.

    16. Keep your drinks refreshingly cold with this stainless steel bottle, which keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours!

    17. Enjoy cold drinks with ease by using these double wall insulated glasses, which contain cooling gel to keep your drink chilled for longer!

    18. Feel cool wherever you go with this hands-free neck fan, which has three different speeds for you to switch between.

    19. This cucumber eye gel will not only cool and refresh your under-eyes, but will also leave them feeling super hydrated.