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    I've Got 99 Problems...But These 27 Products Solve Pretty Much All Of Them

    A few products that are about to make life a whole lot easier.

    1. If you have a pair of heels that are generally quite comfy but the soles of your feet feel red raw by the end of the night, these high heel insoles are going to save you (I wore these on a night out last week and believe me I'm speaking from experience here).

    2. This magnifying glass has an inbuilt light that will make it easier to read fine print (especially in low lighting!).

    3. On a monthly basis I find myself frantically searching the house for some AA batteries – if you can relate, this pack of 40 should keep you stocked up for quite some time.

    4. If you're a regular makeup wearer, you'll know the struggle of cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis. This nifty little thing cleans and dries your brushes within literal seconds. I know – finding out about this changed my life too.

    5. This dispenser perfectly fits your cotton pads and buds so that they're nice and neatly organised, because I can't be the only one that has random cotton pads laying around my vanity table (I don't know why I didn't invest in one of these sooner).

    6. If you travel a lot, you'll know the hassle of taking an entire bottle of perfume with you while knowing that you're barely going to use any of it. These mini dispensers are perfect to transport your perfume, making them way more travel friendly. They're even specially designed to make them super simple to refill.

    7. Calling everyone who's working from home: this keyboard wrist rest is anti-slip and made of memory foam to make sure you're super comfortable when getting all of that typing done. I'm literally using mine as I type this right now!

    8. Another one for those of you with the travel bug – these toothbrush head covers are about to make it so much easier to transport your toothbrush for those overnight stays (until this point I've been wrapping mine up in a sandwich bag).

    9. You know how hair grips always find a way of just disappearing? Hair bands are another thing guilty of vanishing into thin air, but this multipack of 250 clear elastic hair ties should "tie" you over for a while (I'm sorry, I had to do it).

    10. Whether you send a lot of packages or are just an organisational nerd like me and love to label pretty much everything, these blank sticker labels are about to make your life so much more efficient.

    11. If you love painting your own nails, you'll understand the struggle of trying not to smudge them as they dry. These toe/finger separators are a simple little tool to make the whole process a lot easier.

    12. As someone who's 5'10", I always have to work on my posture to make sure I'm not slouching (the struggle is real). This back brace is designed to correct your posture – so if you feel like you're guilty of hunching over at times, this one could be for you.

    13. If you like to wear false eyelashes, this black adhesive makes them apply super neatly. Not only does it keep them on all day, but as the glue is black it actually looks like eyeliner when you've applied it – a perfect way to save you from having to do both when you're rushing in the mornings!

    14. Whether you have a camera that's your pride and joy or just wear glasses on a daily basis, these wipes are about to make it a whole lot quicker to clean your lenses (the days of cleaning your glasses with the T-shirt you're wearing are well behind us).

    15. These hair ties are the best things I think I have ever discovered. If you have thick hair or just feel like regular hair ties don't hold the weight of your hair as you'd want them to, the thickness of these hairbands make all the difference.

    16. If you're ever trying to take a group photo but realise that, a) your arms aren't long enough to get everyone in the selfie, or b) someone has to be demoted from being in the picture so that they can take it – this is a must-have for you. This Bluetooth clicker is easy to hide and means that you can just press the button each time you want your phone to take a picture – how easy is that?

    17. It can be difficult to stay on top of your vitamins when you're away from home, so this weekly organiser is great to keep all of your meds or vitamins perfectly arranged and easy to transport.

    18. If you use a sponge to apply your makeup, you might be familiar with the struggle of having nowhere to keep it that feels hygienic. This rose gold holder looks very aesthetically pleasing whilst giving your sponge the perfect little home.

    19. Anyone prone to headaches will know how helpful a cold compress is to relieve the pain. As great as it is to improvise with a wet flannel, it leaves a bit of a wet mess – which is why these cooling gel sheets are so much more convenient (plus, they're very effective).

    20. If you're prone to knots or matted hair, this Tangle Teezer will sort you right out without yanking out a load of your hair in the process.

    21. Got a device without enough USB ports? This adapter has four ports so you won't have to pick and choose between your memory stick or computer mouse.

    22. This jewellery organiser will make sure you don't spend any more valuable time detangling necklaces from one another (we've all been there).

    23. I always struggle with where to keep my razor – how did it take me this long to realise you can get a holder for it that you can stick onto surfaces?

    24. If you're in front of screens all day and often find yourself struggling to get to sleep at night, these glasses block out the blue light rays that are emitted from screens which are often associated with a bad night's sleep.

    25. It's shameful the number of times I've forgotten to charge my phone before going out, remembered at the last minute, then panicked when it hasn't charged fast enough. This adapter is a fast charging plug, equipped to charge your device up to four times faster than a regular plug – a modern day necessity, if you ask me.

    26. I'm convinced that we all love the cold side of the pillow in the middle of the night. This cooling gel pillow insert slots in between your pillow and pillowcase, giving you a pillow that always has a cold side (we are officially living in 3021).

    27. If you're looking for a quick way to keep up with the maintenance that comes with brow hair removal, these little strips are shaped specifically for your brows – making them extra easy to use!