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    21 Absolute Must-Haves To Make Sure You're Ready To Hit The Ground Running In 2022.

    Because 2022 WILL be your year (by force).

    1. The new year is a great time to reorganise your wardrobe, and these expanding clothes hangers are a great way to maximise space – meaning more room for new pieces!

    2. If you use a sponge to apply your makeup, you're probably due for a new one because it's best to replace them every 3-6 months. New year, new Real Techniques sponge – am I right?

    3. Visualising your goals for the new year is a great way to keep yourself on track throughout the coming months. Print out a few different things you've got your sights on and pin them to this cork board for a constant reminder!

    4. New year, new hair – and according to social media heated rollers are back in style, so it might be worth investing in these Remington ones if you're on the hunt for a new look.

    5. An absolute must is a diary for the new year to keep yourself well on track. This one has a clean and classic design, which I personally love the look of.

    6. If you're like me and think you need a diary that has more writing and planning space, this one gives you a day per page and might be more your speed.

    7. If you're trying to sleep better in the new year, this Silentnight pack of two 'deep sleep' ones is a good choice if you ask me.

    8. This yoga mat sitting in the corner of your room might motivate you to start your mornings off with a little yoga or meditation.

    9. Personally, the idea of starting the year off with a new scented candle sounds just about perfect. This mulberry and fig scented Yankee candle is the next one on my list.

    10. If you like the idea of a new scent to start off the year but aren't so keen on candles, you might prefer this Ghost perfume. It has a gorgeous floral and musky tone and could be your statement fragrance for the year!

    11. Set up your home a little differently for the coming year by investing in a new house plant. This 'Peace Lily' plant looks gorgeous, and is just the right size for smaller spaces.

    12. If you want to start the year with a focus on gratitude, this journal has a whole 52 weeks' worth of material for you to read and fill out.

    13. If you want to start the year off by working on your fruit intake, this portable blender is perfect for mixing fruit up on the go. It takes away loads of the hassle that comes with smoothie making, so it's way more convenient than some other blenders out there.

    14. Plan out your upcoming events for the year with this A1 laminated wall calendar. I had one of these for 2021 and it made my life feel 99% more put together.

    15. If you'd prefer something a little smaller, this desktop planner would make the perfect addition to your WFH setup for the new year.

    16. Prepping for the new year also translates to some deep cleaning, and this electric duster could make it a lot easier to clean up those hard-to-reach places.

    17. Cleaning also means cleaning makeup brushes, because let's be honest – that's a task we all put off as much as we can. This electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer makes the whole process a lot faster, and is super thorough.

    18. If you've been meaning to upgrade to an electric toothbrush, I can't think of a better time to take the plunge on this one from Oral-B.

    19. If travelling is something you have your sights on, this global scratch-off map is a great thing to keep on your wall as a reminder.

    20. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is an absolute necessity if you want to do a deep clean around the house before the new year. I mean, you can clean pretty much anything with this stuff.

    21. If you know there's a load of things you could pack up and keep in storage, these vacuum bags are a great way to store things you don't need access to for the time being – and in the most space efficient way.