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    25 Items That Will Instantly Make Your Kitchen Look Aesthetically Pleasing

    If your kitchen needs a glow up, I've got you covered.

    1. These ceramic coasters are the perfect way to add a touch of colour to your table spread.

    2. If you're looking for a food scale, this one has a super sleek design and even comes in a rose gold finish!

    3. If you ask me, this ceramic soap dispenser would make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen sink.

    4. This glass chopping board also acts as a heat resistant worktop protector, and I'm officially obsessed with it.

    5. Airtight with bamboo lids, these glass jars are perfect for storing anything from cereals to tea bags.

    6. If you prefer a slightly different aesthetic, these canisters might be more suited to your taste.

    7. If you're on the hunt for a kettle, this one is fitted with blue LED lights (yes, you read that right).

    8. In my opinion we all need a little flower arrangement to spruce up our kitchen, and this one has my heart. They're artificial so you don't need to worry about watering them!

    9. If marble print is your vibe, I can pretty much guarantee you're going to love this soap dispenser and sponge holder.

    10. With a gold finish, this kitchen roll holder is simple but very cute.

    11. Sticking with the gold theme, this cutlery set is my new must-have.

    12. If you're looking for a colourful accent to your kitchen, these ceramic plates are a stunning statement piece.

    13. This little holder is equipped with salt and pepper shakers plus two dispensers for condiments – how handy is that?

    14. If you're looking for a fruit bowl to show just how bougie you are, look no further.

    15. If you're bored of bog standard drinking glasses, this set of multicoloured ones might be your new love.

    16. Prefer something a bit more sleek? These glasses are simple yet very classy.

    17. Everyone loves a good set of pans (or maybe that's just me), and the gold detailing on these is a subtle way to bring a bit of glam to your kitchen.

    18. These oven mitts are definitely worth checking out for anyone who loves a vintage aesthetic!

    19. Instead of fumbling for different spices, this revolving spice rack keeps everything organised and easily accessible – whilst looking pretty nifty if you ask me!

    20. In my opinion these marble print mugs are most definitely a need, not a want.

    21. If you like the idea of having a plant in your kitchen but don't want something that'll take up too much space, these artificial succulents might be the way to go.

    22. I'm always looking for utensils that aren't just a plain colour, which is why I'm obsessed with the copper plated handles on this set.

    23. This blackboard is a cute little piece for you to hang up and write (or even doodle) on!

    24. If you like a muted grey colour scheme, you'll love this set of tea, coffee, and sugar canisters.

    25. This dish drainer looks so fancy that I'm wondering why I don't already own it.