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    I'm A Makeup Artist – Here's The Products Worth Spending On, And The Ones You Can (Most Definitely) Save On

    Get ready to save some serious coin.

    I've been a makeup artist for quite a few years now, but as of late I pretty much stick to creating makeup related videos and tutorials online. There's a common misconception that the more expensive the makeup product the better, but TBH there's only a few key products that are worth splashing out on. Hopefully I can help you out when it comes to knowing which products to save up your coin for, and which ones maybe aren't worth the splurge.

    💰 Save on: eyebrow pencils💰

    If your eyebrow product of choice is a pencil, believe me you don't need to invest in a premium branded one. This one from Makeup Revolution is my personal go-to.

    💸Splurge on: a loose setting powder💸

    If there was any one product I would (massively) encourage you to invest in, it's this translucent loose setting powder from Laura Mercier. When I tell you this is the secret to flawless makeup, trust me I mean it.

    💰 Save on: bronzers, blushers, and highlighters💰

    Believe it or not, you really don't need to spend a lot on bronzers, blushers, and highlighters. Although they can vary in texture and pigment, there's a lot of affordable ones on the market that are pretty much premium quality – and this Sleek palette is a good place to start.

    💸Splurge on: foundation💸

    There's definitely some amazing affordable ones on the market, but foundation is 100% worth spending a pretty penny on if you find a more high-end one that works well for you. A very popular one (and a personal favourite of mine), is this Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation.

    💰 Save on: lip colours💰

    If you like a matte lip, avoid expensive lipsticks and try using affordable lip liners instead. Not only will you like it, you might actually prefer it. This one from Sleek is my everyday shade that I constantly reach for.

    💸Splurge on: liquid/gel eyeliner💸

    If you love a super black eyeliner that lasts through genuinely anything, and I mean anything – you need this Inglot eyeliner gel.

    💰 Save on: cream contour💰

    If you're on the hunt for a liquid bronzer or cream contouring product, I personally find that grabbing a darker concealer shade can sometimes perform better – and this L.A. Girl concealer is definitely a trusted choice.