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    From Cheap Waxing Strips To Highly-Rated Floss, Here's 19 Products For Your Teeth, Skin, And Hair That I Think You'll Be Glad You Bought

    There's quite a good few finds in here, I'll tell you that much.

    1. I switched to this natural, fragrance-free, vegan deodorant a few years ago, and it's so good. Free from synthetic chemicals, this is a great deodorant to switch to if you find regular ones a bit abrasive on your skin.

    2. This Dabur Amla hair oil has a blend of different oils, which help to moisturise and nourish hair so that your locks are stronger and less prone to breaking and falling out. It can also help with dandruff!

    3. Keep up with your oral hygiene by investing in one of these stainless steel tongue scrapers.

    4. Speaking of, now's a great time to invest in an electric toothbrush like this Oral-B Pro 3 one if you haven't already – especially at this price!

    5. It's always a great idea to keep this organic aloe vera gel around the house. Its soothing and replenishing properties can always come in handy if your skin decides to kick up a fuss.

    6. These dermaplaning razors are not only great for removing any unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz, but they also give your skin a great exfoliation as you use them!

    7. On the topic of unwanted hair, you can remove any stray individual hairs with this pair of slanted tweezers, which are great for getting that precision you need.

    8. If you're looking to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, or uneven skin, this Bio-oil is known for being able to do it all.

    9. Get on top of your flossing with this Oral-B premium dental floss, which has a refreshing mint flavour and will get in those nooks and crannies your toothbrush might miss.

    10. Brighten up those pearly whites with these premium teeth whitening strips, which have been made with a formula that's ideal for sensitive teeth.

    11. This hair removal cream is very popular, and is infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and nourish the skin.

    12. Get a close shave with this Gilette Venus razor, which comes with three fitted blades. The heads even have water-activated soap bars attached to them to avoid any unnecessary friction as you shave.

    13. I'm so obsessed with these Veet wax strips. They're super easy to use, made for sensitive skin, and always give me such a smooth finish within seconds.

    14. If you're looking to whiten your teeth but are too lazy to go out of your way to do anything about it (don't worry, me too), this whitening toothpaste claims to start working after just one brush!

    15. This Listerine mouthwash is ridiculously highly rated and a top bestseller on Amazon. It does everything from protecting your cavities to freshening your breath.

    16. As a slightly easier (and quicker) alternative to dental flossing, you might want to try out these interdental brushes, which are said to be pretty effective.

    17. Give your skin a real pamper with this deep exfoliating mitt, which you can use to get rid of the dead skin cells all over your body.

    18. When it comes to facial hair removal, if you're a fan of waxing you'll love these cold wax strips that have been made specifically for your face.

    19. If you're less of a waxing fan, try out this mini hair removing tool. It's gentle on the face and works within seconds, making it ideal to use when you're on the go.