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    21 Products To Give Your Garden The TLC It Deserves This Summer

    Let me introduce you to your new garden inspo!

    1. Make sure your garden is pest-free with this super highly rated insect repellent.

    2. These red and yellow sunflower seeds are a beautiful way to add some colour to your garden this season.

    3. Mask any unattractive looking fences with this roll of artificial ivy leaf.

    4. Change the mood in your garden whenever you please with these outdoor LED floodlights.

    5. For something a little more subtle, these solar-powered wall lights are a stunning addition to your patio.

    6. Create your own water feature with this mini water fountain. It's even solar-powered!

    7. Plant some creepers around these two metal cages to add an elegant touch to your garden.

    8. Decorate your outdoor space with this ornamental wall mirror, which is perfectly weather-proof.

    9. Build on your vegetable patch with this assortment of 100 flower, herb, and vegetable seeds.

    10. I bought this folding sun-lounger the other day, and it's become my new obsession.

    11. Create the ultimate cosy vibe in your garden with this outdoor bed for your patio.

    12. Get rid of any bare patches on your lawn with this grass seed, which will have you seeing results in only 1-2 weeks.

    13. Plant your own bonsai trees with this potting compost mix, which has been made especially for them.

    14. If you have a bird feeder in your garden, these bird treats come very highly rated.

    15. Clean up your garden with this fast-acting weed killer, which will have you seeing results in as quickly as 1-2 days.

    16. This all-purpose compost and plant food duo will have you kitted out with everything you need to have those plants flourishing.

    17. If you don't already have a barbecue, this one is everything from foldable to portable, making it a practical pick.

    18. Add this polyester parasol to your garden patio for a bit of shade when the sun gets a little too intense.

    19. If you're looking for a dainty decorative piece, these hanging sun-catchers are gorgeous, and can be hung pretty much anywhere!

    20. Make sure your garden pond gets the TLC it deserves by investing in this healthy water solution. It helps to keep your pond clean and fish well-looked after!

    21. To neaten up your garden, an electric trimmer like this one is crucial.