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    20 Gift Ideas For Diwali If You’re Bored Of Just Giving That Traditional Box Of Sweets

    You know the one I'm talking about.

    1. As Diwali is the festival of light it seems fitting to gift candles, and these handmade tealights are so gorgeous I (almost) wouldn't want to light them.

    2. This premium bath set is genuinely one of the most bougie things I've seen. I don't know about you but I would definitely rock up to a relative's house with this on Diwali.

    3. This tealight holder can be personalised with your own message, making it the cutest keepsake if you're looking to gift something a little more sentimental.

    4. If you like the idea of something personalised, this box of Celebrations might be more suited for anyone with a weakness for the sweet treats.

    5. If you like the usual "traditional box of sweets" but want to put a bit of a twist on it, this gourmet box of dried fruits and nuts look mouthwateringly good.

    6. Let's be honest how many sweets can one person eat? But flavoured teas on the other hand...these you can never get bored of.

    7. This box of desserts is – let me be frank – gorgeous. With a mixture of vanilla cookies, chocolate coated Oreos, and a cakesickle, these treats can even be personalised!

    8. This set of wooden candle holders are likely to complement any household aesthetic – and they can even be personalised with any message you choose.

    9. This dried fruit hamper is a number one best seller, and even comes with a food tray that can turn into a cute little basket!

    10. This Ganesha candle and incense holder is the perfect Diwali gift if you're looking to give a meaningful piece of home decor.

    11. This personalised lantern is so gorgeous, yet so affordable – and you can even choose from a range of colours.

    12. For something a little fun, this chocolate smash cup can be personalised with any name or message of your choice – and it's even filled with more chocolate goodies!

    13. I can pretty much guarantee that even the fussiest of aunties would love this gourmet fruit and nuts box – just look at how beautiful it is!

    14. This lavender candle and incense set is a great fit for Diwali and is so beautifully presented – you're sure to make an impression with this one.

    15. These are officially the cutest macaroons ever – hand decorated and coming in a selection of flavours, these are a unique spin on the classic box of macaroons.

    16. Lanterns are always a great way to decorate for Diwali, making this a perfect family gift – plus you can even personalise it with your own message!

    17. As an extra something, these mini elephant candles are an adorable little accent to any room decor (I got gifted these and my heart melted from cuteness).

    18. If you want to gift something with a handmade touch, this DIY biscuit decorating kit comes with six Diwali themed vanilla biscuits and lots of little goodies for you to customise however you want!

    19. This gift allows you to send your own message through personalised chocolates – and you can even add a photo for an extra touch.

    20. If you like the idea of gifting tea but want something a bit more festive, this set of eight teabags each have a different Diwali quote on them, making them a perfect gift for the occasion.