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    20 Baking Essentials You Need To Get Your Hands On If You’re Thinking Of Making Some Sweet Treats This Easter

    Your mouth is about to water, and don't say I didn't warn you.

    1. Create differently-shaped cupcakes with these silicone moulds if you're looking for a simple way to switch up a classic cupcake recipe.

    2. Chocolate decorations are the best kind if you ask me, which is why I'm positively obsessed with these giant chocolate stars.

    3. Whether you're baking a cake, some biscuits, or even a pie, this edible gold dust is the ultimate finishing touch.

    4. If you're new to the baking world, this set comes with a load of different kitchen tools that I can pretty much guarantee you'll need.

    5. Create some spring-coloured treats with this set of eight food colouring gels.

    6. Easter-themed biscuits just got way easier to make with these different shaped cookie cutters.

    7. Add some colour to anything looking a little plain with these sprinkle mixes. If you're on the hunt for something other than the standard 'hundreds and thousands', you might've just found it.

    8. Flex that creative muscle by investing in these easy-to-squeeze bottles, which make precise icing a whole lot easier!

    9. Calling all baking newbies: you'll probably need a couple of these baking trays to lay your creations on before putting them in the oven.

    10. Speed up the whole baking process by investing in this electric whisk, which has three different speeds to save your hand from a lot of aching.

    11. Get a little adventurous with your cake decorations by playing around with these differently-shaped nozzles you can pipe with!

    12. These mini wafer flowers are the ultimate spring-themed cake decor if you ask me!

    13. Yellow is the ultimate spring-time colour, right? Speaking of, this Betty Crocker lemon icing would go great with a plain sponge cake...and now my mouth is watering.

    14. If you're thinking of making those classic easter egg nests, you'll need a whole lot of these cornflakes.

    15. If the fact it's almost Easter isn't enough of a reason to buy these mini eggs, decorating your sweet treats with them most definitely is.

    16. Am I the only one that's always been obsessed with using these fluffy chicks for cake decor? In my opinion, it doesn't even need to be Easter to use these bad boys.

    17. If you're more a fan of edible decorations, you might like the look of these themed cake toppers.

    18. Make your own fillable chocolate treats with these Easter-themed moulds. How cute are these?

    19. Decorate any iced pieces with these edible food colouring pens, which are easy enough for the whole family to use!

    20. Get your cupcakes looking all kinds of festive with these colourful cases.