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    You've Probably Neglected Your Garden Over Winter – Here's What You'll Need To Get It Ready For Spring

    It's time to get ready for barbecue season!

    1. You should probably start off by investing in these durable gardening gloves if you don't have a pair already!

    2. You can put all of the unwanted bits and pieces from your garden in these reusable waste sacks, which have been made especially for garden use.

    3. When it comes to outdoor decor, putting a few plants in these large grey pots is guaranteed to make a statement.

    4. If hanging plants are more your vibe, these black baskets will go with any outdoor aesthetic, and can be hung wherever you like.

    5. Neaten up any overgrown trees or shrubs with these garden secateurs.

    6. Keep your outdoor space tidy by using this steel garden rake, which even has an adjustable handle.

    7. Light your outdoor walkway with this pack of twelve solar lights, which are a great option if you're trying to be more sustainable.

    8. If you're looking for something a little more powerful, these motion sensor lights have three light settings, can be mounted to walls, and are also solar powered.

    9. This lamp ornament can be hung or placed on the ground to create a gorgeous patterned light around it. It's waterproof too, so you don't have to worry about it getting ruined outdoors!

    10. Label your newly potted plants with these waterproof plastic markers, which come in a range of colours.

    11. Add some colour to your garden with these sunflower seeds which, once planted, should leave you with one giant sunflower. How cute would that be?

    12. Get rid of those unwanted weeds and roots with this spray-on weed killer, which takes only one to two days to work.

    13. Tidy up the border edges of your garden with this electric grass trimmer, which is ideal when it comes to helping you neaten up those hard-to-reach areas.

    14. This solar-powered piece can be used as a pathway light, or even as a solo light-up ornament for your outdoor space.

    15. These rose lights are a gorgeous and unique piece, which can help to create an inviting vibe for any evening hosting you may be doing.

    16. If you're a fan of neutral tones, these marble patterned grey pots should probably be on their way to your basket right now.

    17. Keep your patio space warm with these bestselling outdoor heaters.

    18. Add some light to your garden trees with these waterproof hanging lights, which are a great way to set the scene for a cosy barbecue.

    19. If you prefer string lights, these patio LED lights can be used outdoors or indoors and come in three different lengths.

    20. For a more colourful choice, why don't you opt for these multi-coloured crystal ones? They're solar powered too, making them a great pick if you're trying to go down the eco-friendly route.

    21. These metal garden hooks will provide the perfect space to hang your flower baskets or lanterns!