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    19 Things Under £17 That I Can Guarantee You’re Going To Be Obsessed With By The Time You Finish Reading This List

    Just give it a few minutes and you'll be heading straight to Amazon.

    1. Palmer's cocoa butter is a cult favourite, and for good reason. This moisturiser leaves your skin super soft and – I cannot stress this enough – it smells incredible.

    2. This Real Techniques brush set is perfect if you're new to the eyeshadow game and are looking for something basic to get you started!

    3. This vase is a prime example of "less is more" – is anyone else obsessed with how sleek it is?

    4. Made from the Himalayan jade stone, these massaging tools are raved about as a way to reduce puffiness. Plus, it's super soothing if you're looking to add some self-care to your nightly routine.

    5. I've always had a thing for lava lamps and this one is totally hitting the spot.

    6. Instantly jazz up a simple set of nails with these 3D looking gold stickers!

    7. Whether you ran out of time to wash your hair or are looking for a quick something to give some extra volume to your roots, this dry shampoo is your new go-to.

    8. I use this aloe gel for absolutely everything – even as an organic substitute for hair gel.

    9. This oil is not only great for keeping your cuticles hydrated, but also helps to reduce nail breakages.

    10. Waking up with puffy eyes is a more frequent occurrence for me than I'd like to admit, but this cooling eye mask is a quick fix to soothe your eyes whenever they feel a little irritated.

    11. At this time of the year fan heaters are a genuine blessing. This one has two different heat settings and is super affordable, so you can stay cosy even on a budget.

    12. If you're ever in a rush and need a quick something to take off your makeup, these facial wipes are ideal – especially if you're a sufferer of sensitive skin (like me).

    13. This natural cleansing gel is fragrance free, paraben free and phthalate free, making it perfect for those weekly makeup brush cleans.

    14. We're all guilty of taking a little selfie here and there, and this portable ring light is about to make it a whole lot easier. Just clip it to the top of your phone and you've instantly got studio-level lighting.

    15. As someone who's always suffered with blackheads on my nose, these cleansing pore strips have become a trusted part of my weekly routine.

    16. These portable dehumidifiers are great to place around your home, especially in the areas that are prone to getting damp and mouldy. By absorbing the excess condensation they help to keep the air free of too much moisture.

    17. If you're looking for a more sustainable way to remove your makeup, these 100% organic, reusable cotton pads are ideal.

    18. As someone who loves to wear fake lashes on a daily basis, I can't maintain the habit of paying a tenner for one pair. This pack of five pairs is cute, reusable, and super affordable.

    19. As someone South Asian with thick, dark hair I love using these home wax strips to get rid of any unwanted body hair. Take it from me, they're quick to use and very effective.