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    20 Affordable Products To Improve Your Life Without Hurting Your Bank Account

    You haven't said it yet, but you're welcome.

    1. Keep your kitchen sink extra tidy with this organiser to store everything from your washing-up liquid to your sponge.

    2. Cut and store your veggies with this one device, which is going viral on TikTok right now.

    3. Clean pretty much anything with these magic eraser sponges. They work on almost all household surfaces and don't need any chemicals!

    4. Make the most of all the storage space in your home with these vacuum pack bags.

    5. Avoid the risk of your pots boiling over by using these handy little silicone gadgets, which act as the perfect vents!

    6. These fuzzy balls act as the perfect replacement to ordinary hand towels. They're made of a super-absorbent material, allowing them to dry your hands pretty instantly.

    7. Remove any stains in your carpet with this highly rated cleaner, which even comes with an applicator attached to it.

    8. Organise your dirty laundry with this collapsible washing bag, which has three separate compartments.

    9. Make sure your wardrobe stays moth-free by keeping these cedar rings in them. They work as the ultimate moth repellent!

    10. Speaking of repellents, this spray works great for keeping spiders away.

    11. Avoid any drain clogs with these enzyme sticks, which help to dissolve any potential blockages.

    12. Dust and mop your floors in one go with this mop, which comes with a refillable bottle.

    13. This mug holder can be attached underneath any shelf and holds up to ten mugs, saving you extra cupboard space.

    14. Clean all of those hard-to-reach areas with this extendable feather duster.

    15. Access your favourite cooking bits with even more ease by using this rotatable organiser.

    16. This self-adhesive holder can be attached anywhere, and makes for the perfect way to store your mop or broom.

    17. If you're a packed lunch kind of person, this little pod is the perfect thing to keep your boiled eggs in.

    18. These pull-out drawers can be added in any cupboard, and are a great way to further organise your space.

    19. If you tend to make a mess when you eat (me, absolutely me), this serving tray might be a worthy buy.

    20. Avoid your crisps from getting stale by keeping these bag clips at hand. Also, can we talk about how unbelievably cute they are?