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    🚨This Is Not A Drill!🚨 Pinterest Has Removed The Explore Button

    Pinterest has removed the Explore button again and people are NOT here for it.

    Okay, lets all take a deep breath.

    We live in some crazy times. The president is hurling soccer balls at the First Lady, Rosanne Barr is still somehow in our lives, Rihanna might be bringing back skinny eyebrows...and Pinterest has removed the explore option.

    The explore option, which many users considered the most appealing function of the app, allowed users to search Pinterest through a range of categories to find new ideas and pins without the limitation of specific key words such as when using the search bar.

    And people are pissed that it’s gone, with some users giving the app a one star rating due to the change.

    1. Some were disappointed about not finding new ideas

    2. Some missed the ease of using Explore

    3. ?!?!

    Pinterest we love you, but please bring Explore back!