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    15 Ridiculously Stunning Nature Cakes That Are Almost Too Perfect To Eat

    How are these real?

    1. This gorgeous rustic masterpiece.

    Crystal Stokes Photography / Via

    2. This beautiful flower blossom cake.

    Wedding Cakes / Via

    3. This stunning wintry landscape.

    Grace Cakery / Via

    4. This tree stump cake for a lumber jack themed "bro-dal party."

    BuzzFeed / Via

    5. This mountain range cake in the actual mountains.

    Canadiana Wedding Photos / Via

    6. This beautiful woodlands cake, fit for a baby shower.

    The Sweetest Occasion. / Via

    7. This fantasy fairytale cake.

    Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Via

    8. This ruffly green masterpiece that screams of spring.

    The Cake Blog / Via

    9. This artsy take on a nature theme.

    Sweet Heather Anne / Via

    10. This flower pot cake that looks like the real thing.

    Janette MacPherson Cake Craft / Via

    11. This feel-good floral birthday cake.

    Dream Day Cakes / Via

    12. This waves and seashells cake.

    The Girl Inspired / Via

    13. This creative cupcake terrarium.

    Cake Girls / Via

    14. This breathtaking geode wedding cake.

    Strictly Weddings / Via

    15. And this floral ombré stunner. 😍

    James Tang Photography / Via

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