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17 Budget-Friendly QC Date Places You Must Absolutely Try

Because you can landi and be wais at the same time ;)

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I asked a friend today, “What places do you go to with your boyfriend?” He answered, “Maginhawa and Katipunan langAng hirap pumili eh!

Relate ba? Quezon City is the most populated city in the Philippines, and also the largest city in Metro Manila by area. With a place this big, there’s bound to be more choices for date places* we may not have explored yet, or we could have forgotten about, right?

If you're like my friend, this list is for you.

*With special mention of some places in San Juan – perfect middle ground for lovers from opposite ends of Metro Manila.

1. Maginhawa Street

Denise Jose / Looloo Insights

Anyone who's had their fair share of lakwatsa has gone to, or has heard of, Maginhawa in Teacher's Village, Diliman. There are different cuisines from all around the world, and unique restaurants you won't easily find elsewhere. And since Maginhawa is located near a lot of schools, most of the restaurants are really budget-friendly, too. Lamon na, bes!

Average cost per person: PHP 200 - PHP 300

2. Love Desserts

Jherson Jaya / Via

"The first and original dessert buffet in the Philippines," has two branches: one in Banawe Street, and another in Pearl Drive, Fairview. Indulge in a sweet pig-out and salivate over the overflowing table of desserts from cakes to cookies, pastries, ice cream, chocolates, and fruit shakes! Love Desserts is doll-themed with pastel colors so ya gurl will definitely love it. 💕 What diet???

Store hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11 AM - 10 PM

Average cost per person:
PHP 229
PHP 199 on weekdays from 11AM to 3PM
PHP 399 leftover charge (So don't bite off more than you can chew!)

3. O Ga Ne

Frances Pauline Caluya / Via

Kung kinain na kayo ng K-drama, O Ga Ne along Tomas Morato is a good place to have your samgyeopsal fix. For a minimum of two orders (so pang-date talaga 'to hihi), you can have the regular samgyeopsal (rice ordered separately), or the unlimited samgyeopsal with rice, plus side dish refill. Make sure to come a bit earlier than peak hours because customers end up grappling for seats! So, if you and your partner can wolf down meat like y'all haven't eaten in a thousand years, this is a good place to try. Kim Bok Joo, is that you???

Store hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11 - 6 AM

Average cost per person:
PHP 270 for a regular samgyeopsal
PHP 365 for an unlimited samgyeopsal

4. Bantayog ng Mga Bayani (BONUS: Eton Centris)

Rhea Claire Madarang / Rappler

You love your jowa but you also love your country. Bantayog ng Mga Bayani along Quezon Avenue is the place to visit for your #NeverAgain #NeverForget feels. There's a huge Wall of Remembrance where the names of our unsung heroes are engraved upon, a grassy expanse, and huge bodhi trees that tower over you. You can visit the museum that tells the story of Martial Law and the People Power Uprising, and from time to time, various artists and groups also hold performances and exhibits.

BONUS: It's literally right next to Eton Centris, where you can find restaurants and cafés.

Museum schedule:
Mondays and Thursdays, 9 - 11 AM and 1 - 3 PM

Average cost per person:
PHP 50 (student), PHP 75 (adult) for the museum
PHP 200 for Eton Centris

5. Quezon City Public Library


Ginalingan talaga ng Quezon City Public Library! If you're a bookworm couple, this place within QC Hall Compound in Barangay Central will surprise and satisfy you. Perhaps it's high time to have faith in developing our public facilities, amirite?!

Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday, 8 AM - 4 PM

Average cost per person:
Free admission

This public library in Quezon City will exceed your expectations.

6. Lazer Maxx

Jing Javier / Via

Feeling playful and competitive AF? The Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena in Eton Centris, Quezon Avenue corner EDSA is just the place for you! Sure, you love your partner, but once you strap on your gear, walang kai-kaibigan dito! Each game needs 24 players, so get ready to run around in a two-floor neon arena with strangers. Each game lasts around 15 minutes. It may sound fast, but trust me, you'll soon get beat! Oh, and don't forget to bring an extra shirt.

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday), 12 - 9 PM
Weekends (Friday to Sunday), 10 AM - 10 PM

Average cost per person:
PHP 190 on weekdays
PHP 220 on weekends

7. Breakout Philippines

Cheryl Villareal / Via

For puzzle-solving addicts and adrenaline junkies, Breakout Philippines in QC can be found along Katipunan Avenue and in SM North EDSA The Block. There are three or more types of themed rooms that you can choose from, and you and your partner need to escape alongside 2 to 4 other people within a 45-minute time frame. If you're in for some thrill and brain-wracking, and you're not afraid of getting scared, then Breakout Philippines is worth a shot. Bookings can be made here. Will you survive?

Monday to Sunday, 2 - 8 PM (depends on your chosen room)

Average cost per person:
PHP 600 for Friday to Sunday, and holidays
PHP 300 for Monday to Thursday

8. Monkey MIC

Monkey MIC / Via Facebook: monkeymicktv

If you and your hunny-bunny love to sing as much as Pinoys are stereotyped to, then Monkey MIC in Congressional Avenue Extension is the date-place to be. Have a KTV room to yourselves and indulge in pastas, pizzas, grilled food, pica-pica, dessert, and drinks (check out their menu here), and sing to your hearts content and monkey around!

Monday to Sunday, 3 PM - 3 AM

Average cost per person:
PHP 40/hr, 3 - 7 PM, and whole day of Monday and Tuesday
PHP 70/hr 7 PM - 3 AM
PHP 150 - PHP 300 for food (good for sharing)

9. UP Diliman

Aaron Abadilla & Anabelle Dizon / Sunday Morning Studios

There are many things you can do in the state university. The 2.2-kilometer academic oval is good for jogging, walking, or biking. Museums and galleries in UP can satisfy your art pleasures (see viewing schedules here). Numerous nature scenes ala Narnia await you. There's also a mini-food strip called Area 2 (Did somebody say Snack Shack burger?!). You can even go to mass (#TYG 🙏) at the Church of the Holy Sacrifice, the famous dome-shaped chapel designed by late National Artist Leandro Locsin. And if you’re lucky to visit in June, the sunflowers along University Avenue are in full bloom. 🌻 How romantic, 'no?

Average cost per person: PHP 100 - PHP 300

10. La Mesa Ecopark

Des Arellano / Via

La Mesa Ecopark in Novaliches is an ecological nature reserve with the "last forest of its size in the metropolis." There are many activities one can do here like swimming, fishing, biking, camping, ziplining, and having picnics. You can bring in food, and even pets... just make sure to pick up after them. 💩 Some couples even do pre-nup pictorials in Ecopark. O diba, ready na for Instagram.

Average cost per person:
PHP 20 - PHP 50 entrance fee (depending on if you’re from QC or not, or if student/PWD/senior citizen discounts apply)
PHP 200 - PHP 500 for the activities

Hellooooo! This is the Butterfly Haven of La Mesa Ecopark during the #LaMesaEcoDay last Saturday. They’re super nic…

11. Quezon Memorial Circle

Elaine Ross Baylon / Via

Quezon Memorial Circle is a park with playgrounds, rides, bike rentals, and tiangge stalls. Sometimes there are free concerts from local bands and artists. The Quezon City Experience or QCX, which is an interactive social history museum, is also here. It's a great place to learn about the history and culture of a city so many people take for granted! You'll also find some restaurants like Tropical Hut (yup, it's still alive!), and Coconut House that serves healthy Pinoy food using coconut as main ingredients.

Museum schedule:
Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM - 5 PM

Average cost per person:
PHP 20 parking fee
PHP 80 - PHP 150 for QCX (depending on if you're from QC or not, or if student/PWD/senior citizen discounts apply)
PHP 200 for food
PHP 500 - PHP 1,000 if you splurge on tiangge shopping

View this video on YouTube

GMA News TV / Via

12. Cinema '76 Film Society

Why wait for the Metro Manila Film Festival to support local cinema when Cinema '76 in San Juan caters to that all year round? It's a small, cozy theater with a seating capacity of just 60 people. There are regular updates on their Facebook page regarding screenings, schedules, ticket price, and meet-and-greets. So grab your popcorn and hold your lover's hand, because Cinema '76 will show you the class and quality of today's homegrown filmmakers.

Average cost per person: PHP 150

Cinema '76 Film Society / Via

A sublime combination of poem, dance, music, and cinematography. And Cinema '76 is a very cozy place to watch a mov…

13. Cubao Expo (BONUS: Art In Island)

RG Vizuals / Via

If your jowa is also a tropa, then you two will enjoy Cubao Expo in Araneta Center. It's the perfect place to chill, enjoy a night out with drinks, and even score some vintage and collector's items that some of the shops are selling. There are a couple of ukay shops as well that are worth a peek. Interestingly enough, there's a gem behind Cubao Expo called Art In Island, a 3D Trick Art museum that will astound and humor you, that also makes for good photo ops! This place hits the spot for having a fun-filled date followed by an evening of unwinding with drinks and pulutan. Cheers! 🍻

Museum schedule:
Tuesday to Sunday, and holidays, 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM

Average cost per person:
PHP 500 for adults and PHP 400 for students (senior citizen/PWD discounts are available) for Art In Island
PHP 200 - PHP 500 (depending on how much you splurge on food, drinks, clothes, and collector's items)

14. The PARC Foundation

The PARC Foundation / Via

PARC stands for Performing Arts and Recreation Center, and is an art space in San Juan. PARC works with volunteers and fosters independent and upcoming artist partners. It is a home to many exhibits, open performances, theater plays, workshops, and classes, where everybody is invited to participate. There are regular updates on their website and their Facebook page regarding the events they hold. If you and your significant other want to unleash talents and potentials, and discover new ways of appreciating art and culture, then the PARC Foundation is something worth trying.

Average cost per person:
Free admission to PHP 850 (depending on the show or event)

15. Power Up Climbing Gym

Ayesha Isaguirre / Via

Who says weather should affect your physical activities? Power Up Climbing Gym in Tandang Sora and Cubao provides indoor wall climbing that will get you and your date's hearts and muscles racing and pumping! If you already know how to belay (taas-kamay sa mga nakapag-SURP na dyan!), then you're good to go, but if not, then Power Up coaches will teach you. Make sure to bring your A-game and get ready for a sore body the next day. No pain, no gain! #BalikAlindog 💪

Weekday, 4 - 8 PM (Tandang Sora) & 4 - 10 PM (Cubao)
Weekend, 12 - 9 PM (Tandang Sora) & 12 - 8 PM (Cubao)

Average cost per person:
PHP 350 unlimited climbing, gear rental
PHP 100 one-time belay training (for first-timers)

16. Ananda Marga Yoga Center


Ananda Marga Yoga Center is one of Sikatuna's hidden gems. Let you and your partner treat yourselves, and unleash your stress and tension together in one of their yoga sessions. They adhere to Tantra Yoga, which is the most ancient yoga system dating back 7,000 years ago. You'll gain relaxation and enlightenment, but you'll also lose – that is, you'll lose stress, anger, and even weight! More information can be found on their website. Namaste!

Weekday, 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Saturday, 8:30 - 10 AM, 10:30 AM - 12 PM, 6:30 - 8 PM
Sunday, 8 - 9:30 AM

Average cost per person:
PHP 350 walk-in session (discounts for students/PWD/senior citizens may apply)

@HeyBauHey ananda marga in sikatuna village has pretty cheap rates. White space is nice on katip but I dunno if I'd call that cheap.

@maaainee Ananda Marga somewhere in Sikatuna. Ni-recommend lang din ni @jennifermsantos :)

17. Wensha Spa Center

Lani Mesias Suzon / Via

For the ULTIMATE rest and relaxation date, you can spend majority of the day de-stressing in Wensha's QC branch in Timog. Services are expensive, but here's the hack: Get the whole body massage and enjoy its package inclusions of free use of jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam bath, lockers, and slippers, an eat-all-you-can buffet with Filipino dishes, international cuisine, and Chinese shabu-shabu, free wi-fi, and a maximum of 8 hours accommodation where you can sleep. And all this while having your one and only also relaxing and de-stressing by your side. Saan ka pa?!

Open 24 hours

Average cost per person:
PHP 830 whole body massage + package inclusions

Natakam ba kayo? Hopefully, this list has turned on lightbulbs in your heads for date places and ideas. Quezon City may be huge with a lot of budget-friendly date possibilities, but now, we no longer have to say "Ang hirap pumili eh!" when trying to think of another romantic rendezvous.

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