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People Confess Times That Being Bad Felt Really, Really Good

Be honest: you've eaten your roommate's leftovers. Gru and the gang are back to being bad this summer in Despicable Me 3. Don't miss your chance to enjoy being bad in theatres!

Do you ever find yourself doing something that's a little bit naughty, but ended up enjoying it? We spoke to people who secretly enjoy being bad.

"When I was in a shared student house, I was quite a good housemate. I did washing up whenever it was my turn and always kept the mess in my room. My housemate at at the time was a total clean freak and always on my case about and it, despite how clean I was.

"Sometimes it would really get on my nerves, so I would occasionally leave a nonrecyclable on top of a neat pile of her recycling, just to mess with her. And she never found out who the culprit was until I broke the news to her a few years later."

– Caroline C

"My not-so-guilty pleasure is leaving a social occasion without saying goodbye. I've been doing it for years, and I've gotten so good at it. I hate going through the ritual of saying goodbye to everyone I know or came to the event with, so I just slink off.

"My tried-and-tested method is telling people I'm off to the toilet or going outside for some air and then disappearing into the night like a ninja or a very antisocial spy."

– Charles O

"Mine's a pretty simple one: not opening messages so the ticks don't turn blue and people don't think I've read the message."

– Nyall C

"Clearly making eye contact with someone you know out and about, but pretending you didn't and getting away with it!"

– Matthew C

"I love when you order an appetizer and it has three pieces of the thing (samosas, fritters, croquettes, etc.), but you're eating with only one other person and you take the extra thing for yourself.

"The key to accomplish this is to first ask permission, and phrase the question like this 'Do you mind if I eat that?' Almost always people let you. Using this method, I estimate I've pilfered roughly 40,000 extra calories throughout my life. It tastes good, man."

– James L

"I love it when I can get out of doing the housework, especially when I'm at my in-laws. Whenever I'm there for the lovely Sunday roast that they've bought, prepared, served and hosted (feeding me plenty of free wine in the process), I always find a way to avoid doing the washing up.

"I KNOW I SHOULD HELP OUT, and I always make a big song and dance at pretending to make an effort, but as soon someone says it's fine not to I don't put up much of a fight."

– Kenneth M

"One of my favourite bad things to do is beat someone to an empty seat on the tube. Rather than offer it to them graciously. Through years of practise, I've worked out how to spot a seat just as it becomes free and figured out a system to get to it before anyone else does. It doesn't work every time, and it does get me a few dirty looks, but when it does it feels great."

– Craig T

"I know this sounds bad...but I love it when my baby falls asleep during the time I'm supposed to look after him."

– Joe B

"I really like scaring people. Like, really get a kick out of it. I'm surprised I haven't done it here more actually! I know it's bad and some people hate it, but there is nothing better than hiding behind a door for 10 minutes, jumping out and then seeing someone metaphorically shit themselves."

– Josie A

If you're good at being bad, then you'll love seeing Gru and the Minions go to jail in Despicable Me 3. In cinemas this June.

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