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11 Things Your Acne Would Totally Say If It Could Talk

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1. You: "Wow, clear skin the day before a big event! Hope it lasts another 24 hours..."

2. You: "If I have another breakout this week, I'm going to scream."

3. You: "Why is it that every time I try a new skincare routine my acne gets worse?"

4. You: "I do everything I can to take care of my skin, and I still have acne — doesn't seem fair."

5. You: "Two weeks of clear skin! Maybe my acne WAS just a phase..."

6. You: "This foundation is perfect! My acne is practically invisible."

7. You: "It looks like all this scarring and redness is finally fading!"

9. You: "Ugh, I thought this skincare routine was working. WHAT HAPPENED?"

10. You: "I can't believe I'm still dealing with acne at my age."

11. You: "I'm going to spend less time hating my acne and more time loving myself."

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