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14 Secrets You Can Totally Confess To The World

The no-judgment policy is set in stone. Check out Dermablend's Camo Confessions -- we all have something to cover up.

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1. You pronounced "faux" like "fox" until a few years ago. /

Some words you never say out loud, OK?!

2. You sometimes wear glasses with fake lenses.

They're adorable and tortoise shell. Leave your opinions at the door, please.

3. You have a dolphin tattoo... somewhere.


It might be on your lower back, but like, everyone makes mistakes.

4. You have to make space on your phone every week for the amount of selfies you take.



5. You place all unwanted grocery items back in a random aisle instead of where they came from.

Look, you're not proud of it.

6. You basically returned every single present you've ever received to get something you actually want.

7. You're the reason there is a "Don't Eat Anyone Else's Food Without Asking" sign on the fridge at work. /

There was a company-wide email about it. NBD.

8. You've turned a pimple into a beauty mark by covering it with eyeliner.

WAT?! Cruella de Vil probably does that...

9. You took a cab for only five blocks yesterday.

NBC Universal Television Distribution / The Office /

No injuries -- just a new level of lazy.

10. You ate a slice of pizza after it fell on your kitchen floor last Saturday.

Cheese-side down... YOU REGRET NOTHING.

11. You've peed in basically every shower you've ever taken.

OK, well now you know...

12. You've gotten spray tan abs more than you'd like to admit.


Just like a lil definition, ya know?

13. You always have to look up how many Rs and Ss are in the word "embarrassing."


Do you know how to spell "tomorrow"? Can't. Even.

14. And, as long as we are being honest here, you don't really know how Congress works.

Or what the Electoral College is... but, like, oh well.

We all have something to confess or cover up, and that’s OK, but now we dare you to get a little more personal with Dermablend Professional and share your Camo Confessions to the world.