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14 Signs You Treat Your Dog Better Than Yourself

Are you treating your dog better than you treat yourself? Check out these photos to find out. And if you want to treat your dog's teeth right, make sure to give them DENTASTIX®.

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1. You shiver half the night because you let them steal all the blankets.

Sarah Salmela / Getty Images

2. They have their own personal tablet to watch animal shows on.

fstop123 / Getty Images

3. More people show up to their birthday party than to yours.

Hubert Figuière / Via Flickr: hfiguiere

4. You take your job super seriously but you never get mad when they slack off at theirs.

kurisurokku / Via Flickr: kurisurokku

5. You sing them lullabies to help them get to sleep...every night.

Angel Zinn / Via

6. You pay top dollar for their groomer but you haven't been to a hairdresser in 10 years.

7. You took the time to teach them how to surf, but you can barely swim.

Paul Erickson / Getty Images

8. You take the day off work to make sure they don't overheat on the hottest day of the year.

jimbomack66 / Via Flickr: doggybytes

9. You spend your life savings on emergency surgery for them and would definitely do it again.

Sonny Abesamis / Via Flickr: enerva

10. Your significant other is convinced you love them more.

11. You take them to the dog park everyday after work instead of going out and having fun with human people.

Natalie Chandler / Via

12. You sleep on the floor with them when they're not feeling well.

Kate D'Alcorn / Via

13. You spend more money on toys for them than your parents spent on you as a child.

marioanima / Via Flickr: banky177

14. You spent more time stressing out about their doggy wedding to the neighbor's dog than your own.

Pets Adviser / Via Flickr: petsadviser-pix