13 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Have Stinky Breath

You were lied to: a dog’s mouth is definitely not cleaner than your own. Your dog might not be able to brush its own teeth, but it can fight excessive tartar and plaque build-up with DENTASTIX®.

1. Dogs will eat anything.

Chris Scott / Via Flickr: cjscott69

2. And everything.

Rob and Stephanie Levy / Via Flickr: robandstephanielevy

3. Literally anything and everything.

4. And they eat a lot.

None of it smells good.

5. Their toys aren’t always the cleanest.

Anne Hornyak / Via Flickr: anneh632

And you know they’re going straight in the mouth. Dogs are like forever teething babies.

6. Especially their favorite toy.

Danny Ayers / Via Flickr: danja

7. Tongues are sort of like stink sponges.

playerx / Via Flickr: playerx

And they frequently end up on your face.

8. And slobber is excessive.

danielle_blue / Via Flickr: danielleblue

9. Dog mouths are always wet.

tinabasgen / Via Flickr: tinabasgen

And we’re never sure if it’s from slobber, the water dish, or something else.

10. Dog breath doesn’t get any better in the winter.

Christopher Brown / Via Flickr: xopherbrown

It’s a year-round bad time.

11. And we all know what they secretly love to eat.

12. If there is mud, your dog’s mouth will find it.

normanack / Via Flickr: 29278394@N00

13. No matter where it is.

Haley Redshaw / Via Flickr: 57762126@N07

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ildar Sagdejev / Via Flickr: the-specious

Keep your dog’s breath fresh with DENTASTIX®.

Well… maybe we would.

Tim Cigelske / Via Flickr: cig

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