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14 Ways To Bring Your French Toast To The Next Level

French toast in and of itself is pretty close to being the perfect food. But what if you could build your own? Find out which French toast flavor you should build at Denny's with the Rorschach Toast Test.

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1. First, you have to start with a solid foundation. Pick a bread.

Will you go classic, blueberry, or 7-grain?

2. And get your sides sorted out.

Bacon, eggs, sausage, or grits? The world is yours!

3. Bring on the toppings! You could have some sliced bananas.

Mmm potassium! These banana slices will take your French toast on a walk down memory lane, back to your childhood when times were simpler and bananas were already so delicious.

4. Chocolate chips.

Sweet and crunchy, each individual chocolate chip will bring you closer to ultimate French toast satisfaction.

5. White chocolate chips.

White chocolate chips are the rare, luxurious cousin of the classic chocolate chip. If you don't think this will take you on a trip to tasty town, boy are you wrong.

6. Chopped nuts.

Chocolate isn't your thing? How about some of nature's candy: chopped nuts. These will add crunch and texture and take your French toast one step closer to heaven.

7. Strawberries.

Speaking of nature's candy! Juicy and sweet, adding fresh strawberries to your French toast will make you feel like you're taking a walk through a dewy meadow, but inside your mouth.

8. Glazed pecans.

Regular chopped nuts not your thing? Take your French toast on a sweet crunch journey neither of you will soon forget with these delicious glazed 'cans.

9. Now that that's settled, let's talk sauces. You could drizzle on some hot fudge.

10. Or some peanut butter sauce.

You could even do both, bringing your French toast experience dangerously close to the gates of heaven and back.

11. Honey.

Paired with chopped nuts and bananas, a light drizzle of honey will make you one with nature. Can you hear the birds chirping yet?

12. Cinnamon sauce.

With a little kick of cinnamon spice, any French toast combination will instantly take you on a nostalgic trip back to your childhood, when your dad used to make cinnamon toast on Sunday mornings.

13. Caramel sauce.

Because whether you're having French toast for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can always turn it into a delicious dessert toast with the help of creamy caramel.

14. And last but not least, cream cheese icing.

Fluffy, creamy, sweet, and delicious, cream cheese icing is the mother of all sauces. Combine it with the cinnamon sauce, and you'll feel like you're eating the world's best and flattest cinnamon roll.