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Locate Restaurants, Shops And Attractions In Shanghai

Shangwow is an online platform that allows users find shops and attractions in shanghai pretty fast. By Giovanbattista Cimmino

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Shanghai is the trading capital of the People's Republic of China when compared to Beijing, the political and literary capital. With a population of about 20 million (10 to 12 according to official statistics), it depends politically directly on Beijing.

Shanghai, Oriental Paris, is the most important and most prosperous city in China. It is one of the biggest economic and cultural centers of China. Modern and popular city, it is considered the cradle of everything. Rivaling cities such as New York or Paris in terms of modernity, it enjoys a distinct culture mixing Eastern and Western culture. In constant expansion, Shanghai is a tourist destination renowned for its historical monuments as well as its modern infrastructures. You will never be bored in this dynamic metropolis.

However, first timers are likely going to have a hard time locating ‘top notch’ spots for maximum relaxation, shopping and eating. Except you have a handyman who happens to flow in same vibration as you, then you can have it all on your first trip. Now, you can go round the city to locate exquisite and local stops around you from the comfort of your home.


Giovanbattista Cimmino, is a spirited and result oriented genius, he saw the need to ease the stress by creating a portal to locate restaurants, accommodation, events, shops and attractions. History, food and music of the cities are told through the Instagram accounts. In the light of this, He developed shangwow so users can actively locate nearest shops.

To put me in the mood and in the front seat of the experience roller coaster, I have decided to travel on air to China. I know I will be the only Frenchman on board, so I can talk with my neighbors to check my Chinese bases before we alight. Hearing and reading about the monuments ain’t enough exposure for someone of my type, and I hope to get the very best off

Why visit Shanghai

China is a dynamic country, cities in China are dynamic, but Shanghai is the most dynamic of Chinese cities

At night, these thousands of colored lights illuminate the city, whether it be billboards, buildings, or light decorations. Shanghai by night these are all night club bars all types of restaurants that give this city some magic.

As soon as the sun sets, innumerable lights illuminate the sky in every corner of the city. The many skyscrapers that surround Shanghai impress with their grandeur and youth. Shanghai enjoys a humid subtropical climate. Winters are mild but can sometimes be cold while in the summer is very hot and humid. In summer, temperatures can easily exceed 35 ° C with a very high humidity level whenever temperatures drop a bit at night.

Of all the major Asian metropolises, Shanghai is certainly the one that, at the moment, crystallizes the most passions, desires and fantasies. The city, the most populous of China, has many advantages to achieve this enviable status. Symbol of Chinese economic development or laboratory of contemporary trends - architecture, fashion, gastronomy - the megalopolis, often called futuristic, overflows with energy. Just as it seduced by its European influences, a legacy of the time of concessions. The British and French colonial powers, among others, largely governed the city and its highly strategic port.

Today, the one that was once called the "Paris of the East" will only fascinate the traveler in search of new adventures and unexpected encounters. To help you make the most of it, I employ you to discover the "best of Shanghai": what you should not miss to take the pulse of this city with more than 25 million inhabitants but also, and like our habit, the best addresses: hotels and restaurants still the best spots to do its shopping, have a drink or party until the end of the night.

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