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ATTENTION: Grimes Is A Damn Icon And It's Time We Took Notice

♫ See you on a dark night ♫

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I’ll be the *first* to admit that until her most recent album, Art Angels, I didn’t know who Grimes was. Even when my friends were talking up her new tunes, her name conjured images of just some grimy, greasy-haired, tattooed guitar player who sang bad indie rock. Imagine my surprise when I found out she was a prismatic alt-pop princess.


If you’re still unconvinced, there are plenty of other bops on Angels to listen to to change your mind.

Wake up to the feel-good beat of “California” and make your morning commute to “Belly of the Beat.” You can even take this album to the gym with you and kill a workout to "Flesh Without Blood," "Pin," and the aforementioned “Venus Fly."

This queen hasn’t put an album out since the end of 2015, so there’s still plenty of time to fall in love with her, listen to all of her discography, and pretend you’ve been into her from the start (as you should have been).

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