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8 Fun Bagel Stats Every Canadian Needs To Know

8 fun stats + 5 Dempster's Signature Bagel flavours = delicious math.

Recently, we asked Canadians from coast to coast to give us their honest bagel opinions.

Now it's time to dust off the ol' calculator and get to the results!

1. As if it was any shock, 95% of Canadians like their bagels toasted.

2. When choosing what type of bagel they want to eat, 62% of Canadians like to go the savoury route.

A photo of Four Cheese bagel on a blue plate surrounded by cheese and more bagels.

3. 73% like their bagel open-faced.

A man sitting in a white kitchen eating a bagel next to some coffee and orange juice.

4. While 65% of the country like to keep their topping simple with something like cream cheese.

An overhead photo of Maple French Toast bagels on black slate. Some are cut open and some have cream cheese spread on top.

5. 52% of Canadians say they like to enjoy their bagels in the morning.

A woman is sitting in a living room eating a bagel with cream cheese on top.

6. 44% of Canadians eat their bagel while sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

A photo of a man and a woman from above eating a  bagel.

7. Speaking of which, 43% of the country say they like to enjoy their bagel with the biggest coffee they can find.

A man sitting in front of a computer drinking from a coffee mug. Two pieces of papers are over his eyes with drawn eyes on top.

8. And finally, what did our quiz say was the most recommended new flavour to try? Dempster's Signature Parmesan Garlic & Herb Flavour!

Do your taste buds match your quiz results? Check out Dempster's Signature Bagels in Four Cheese Flavour, Banana Chocolate Chip Flavour, Maple French Toast Flavour, Blueberry Flavour, and Parmesan Garlic & Herb Flavour. Find them at a grocery store near you and give your Signature flavour a try!

A product shot of the different flavours of bagels available from Dempster's for their Signature Bagel line.