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11 Things Only True Bagel Lovers Will Understand

True bagel lovers know that delicious starts with Dempster's, but that's not the only thing we all have in common...

1. Bagels are a key part of a well-rounded diet.

2. You spell happiness a little bit differently:

3. Selecting the right spread is one of the toughest decisions you'll ever have to make.

4. All of your bae goals are bagels.

5. Eating a bagel the way most people eat donuts.

6. Trying not to look too disgusted when someone asks if you want your sandwich on a roll.

7. The sheer joy that is waking up when you know it's Bagel Friday at the office.

8. Size matters...

9. Eating a bagel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10. Following your bagel with a dessert bagel.

11. Knowing that the number of good reasons why you shouldn't enjoy your favorite bread product is shaped exactly like a bagel.

Dempster's and true bagel lovers go together like bagels and, well, anything. Use this coupon to save $1 on your next #bagelicious purchase.

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