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All The Times Demi Lovato Proves Us She Is A REAL Feminist!

I love it when I see WOMEN in the industry who support equality and other women, so I thought about making a post about one today about my personal favorite DEMI LOVATO!! hope you enjoy. It’s going be fun.

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1. Let's start with a song, here is 'Yes I Am'

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Demi Lovato released a song on her unbroken Deluxe edition called Yes I Am, its a really fun song and the lyrics goes like this:

“Sexy lady knows what she wants
out of life
See she got her own means
Doing whatever she likes”
“Feels good to have you
She don’t need you
She can’t depend on a man
After all that she’s been through
She ain’t running behind you”
“And I got (I got)
What I need (what I need)
Right here (right here)
It’s in me (in me)”
“So you can’t be mad that
She had the strength to survive
Through the good and the bad
She’s having the time of her life”


View this video on YouTube

This song is released as Demi’s second lead single off her album ‘CONFIDENT’ and its so empowering and an anthem for every one, it empowers women and men to be CONFIDENT and themselves and not be afraid! The music video supports women empowerment, i really like it.

So you say I’m complicated
That I must be outta my mind
But you’ve had me underrated
Rated, rated
What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being
What’s wrong with being confident?
What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being
What’s wrong with being confident?

3. Demi at Africa

when Demi Lovato first went to Kenya in 2013 she wanted to empower the mama’s at Kenya by selling rafiki necklaces that are made by the mamas on her world tour! Here’s a tender moment of the mamas thanking Demi for everything she’s done.

4. #WomensMarch

Demi did not just post about it on Social Media she actually went and marched with Women and Men and many more celebrities (Ariana, Miley, Katy, Madonna and more) and spoke on stage! if this doesn’t scream women empowerment i don’t know what is!!

5. Demi on Victims of sexual and physical abuse / Via ddlovato

. Our focus should be on the topic of victims of sexual and physical abuse being afraid to come forward with their stories. They're more likely to face retaliation and harassment than to see justice being served. Especially women. It baffles me that when it comes to serious issues like equality and abuse, too often women are not taken as seriously as men. /i>

10. Body and self love

Demi did a nude no makeup no photoshop shoot to empower self and body love since she suffered from an eating disorder.

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