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Things Incoming Freshmen Football Players Should Know About Fall Camp

This feed is meant to help incoming freshmen football players to know what they need to prepare for and how they can prepare for their first football college camp.

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Be mentally prepared

Your first college camp is going to mentally stressful. You will be around a bunch of guys who have amazing talent. There are going to be guys who are big fast and strong and at times you may wonder will you be able to compete in this league. The one thing you can tell your self is that all these guys have been freshmen before. When they first came to college they experienced the same thing you experienced. On top of that you will have coaches yelling at you telling you things like "This ain't high school no more" and "Welcome to college football".

Be physically prepared

During your first fall camp you are going to go against guys that have been working out in a college football program one to four years longer than you. You are going to do things like w drill which is what you see in the image above. The main thing to know about this part of camp is have a tough mindset. It doesn't matter how big and strong the person. If you come off quick and aggressive with good technique, you will give yourself a fighting chance. Your body is going to get banged up from all this contact, but you have to be tough and just know everybody else is hurting too.

Its going to be a shock to you !

In high school you were the man. Everybody respected you, you were the "BIG DAWG". Well once you get to college you're gonna realize that you are on a team full of big dawgs. Everyone on the team was the man in high school. You're gonna realize that the team does not revolve around you anymore. And you're gonna realize that you're gonna have to work your way up the dept chart.

It's not glamour and fame

Garett Fisbeck

OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY / COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Rob Glass, strength and conditioning coach, coaches Evan Epstein, senior, during the OSU football team's strength and conditioning training at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Okla., Tuesday, July 17, 2012. Photo by Garett Fisbeck, The Oklahoman

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