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Spilled Milk And 12 Other Things You Shouldn’t Cry About

Life is full of messes. Some of them are on your counter. And some exist on the countertop of life. But at least with Delta Faucet, you can make any mess a #HappiMess.

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Spilled milk? Don't sweat. It happens.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

1. When your lunch takes a tumble.

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2. When your makeup doesn't look perfect.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

Hey, you're still the prettiest.

3. When your cat destroys your stuff.


It's probably because she loves you. Don't even worry.

4. When haters rear their ugly heads.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

Nope. Don't. Just leave 'em.

5. When you're a wee bit hungover.

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed

It means you had fun last night, right? Don't forget the fun.

6. When you take a teeny bite into your food and something's not right.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

Get it out, get it out, get it out!

7. When you're in the middle of a baseball game.

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed

There's no crying in baseball! (Especially if you lose.)

8. After losing some Twitter followers. / Via

Don't go searching for them. Eventually you'll gain back people who ~truly~ understand you.

9. When your crush doesn't like you back.

There are plenty of fish and probably one fish that thinks you're really awesome.

10. After missing your workout that day. / Via

Give it a rest — there's always tomorrow.

11. When people keep telling you "no."

Courtesy of On My Block Films / Via

Just keep going until you get that sweet, sweet "yes."

12. When you're the butt of a prank.

Hey, it's because someone liked you enough to prank you in the first place.