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10 Questions You Simply Don't Ask Michigan Wolverines™

There's no questioning Michigan's ability to prepare you for success. Whether you're pursuing a passion or just taking a break, Delta connects Wolverines™ to the rest of the world.

1. "It's not that cold, right?"

2. "Big House? You mean, like, jail?"

3. "Is there any good brunch around here?"

4. "Do you think there is life in outer space?"

5. "What's a #2?"

6. "Why can't I step on this M?"

7. "Does blue ever go green?"

Michigan team arrives in Ann Arbor ...leading solar car race again! #GoBlue!

There's lots of environmentally focused programs on campus, but solar car is the most fun. Also, please don't call it "green." There's a bit of a rivalry there.

8. "Where does everyone hang out?"

9. "Do you mean, ugl-Y?"

10. "Has a Michigan player ever had success in the pros?"

The only question Michigan students care about is "what's next?" No matter where you go in life, Delta is the connection to the world for every Wolverine™.

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