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14 Things You Immediately Understand If You Go To Duke

The most important thing you learn at Duke is how to act like a Dukie. Every student experiences a mix of education and exploration. For the students who never stop, Delta helps you get where you want to be.

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3. Also, Blue Devils know they can flaunt their wizardly chaser skills on the quidditch field.

And this is just one of the amazing extracurriculars Duke students can participate in.

5. A Dukie knows it's perfectly acceptable to go nuts for Monuts.

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Basically you crave them all the time, even when you're home for the holidays.

7. Every student knows it's OK to go a little crazie from time to time.

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That is, if they are courtside cheering along with the Cameron Crazies.

8. Crafty students know there is nothing better than spending leftover meal points at WaDuke.

Plus, it helps you to learn how to budget and save for later expenses, like feasting at a fancy country club.

10. Duke students know how to properly close out a successful year of academics with LDOC.

This is what Duke is all about. Work hard, play harder. #LDOC2013 #LoveMySchool

After months of studying, learning, and growing, every Dukie deserves to let loose and enjoy some world-famous musicians.

11. They know the value of seeing the world.

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And that to explore the world is crucial to learning, growing, and understanding in YOUR world.

13. Students understand that patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to Dame's.

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I'll wait in line. I'll wait in line because I want all the red-crested roses, please and thank you.

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14. And finally, every Blue Devil knows Duke is more than a University — it's a feeling.

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It's a feeling of belonging to something great, and doing something great. With 6,200 undergrads, everyone is able to mingle, collaborate, and excel on campus and in the world.

Duke students have the drive to conquer the world, and Delta is here to ensure you get where you want to be.

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